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TOP 5 Very Affordable CASIO Watches For CHRISTMAS

Without a doubt, 2023 seems to have passed in the blink of an eye, and Christmas is now on the horizon.

Given the financial challenges many have faced this year due to the escalating cost of living, we believe it’s a fitting moment to present an article spotlighting 5 budget-friendly Casio digital watches that make excellent Christmas gifts for your cherished ones in 2023.

These selections are based on our past reviews, guaranteeing that they’re not mere fleeting suggestions, but rather watches we’ve personally worn and hold in high regard within the We Try Anything collection. If any of these timepieces pique your interest, you can find links to them in the description box below. Additionally, we’ve conducted thorough reviews and created a user-friendly how-to guide for each of these watches, ensuring your loved ones can swiftly enjoy them come Christmas morning!


The Iconic Casio F-91W.

Casio F-91W Digital Watch Gift Idea

Get your Casio F-91W from Amazon

If you’re in search of an ideal Christmas gift, especially for someone who values affordability, ease of wear, and a timeless classic, the iconic Casio F-91W digital watch is your answer.

With its 35mm width and 8mm thickness, this watch is versatile, catering to a wide range of individuals, from children to adults. Its straightforward digital display ensures easy readability, solidifying its iconic status. Add to that its dependable quartz-powered module, running on a battery that can last up to 7 years when new, and you’ll understand why figures like Barack Obama have sported it, alongside U.S. military personnel.

Apart from displaying the time, day, and date on the main digital screen, the Casio F-91W also boasts a stopwatch with the capability of measuring up to 60 minutes, along with a daily alarm and hourly signal.

The Casio F-91W series comes in a myriad of case and strap colours. For those feeling a bit creative, mixing and matching is an option if you choose to acquire a couple of them.

The only minor drawbacks lie in the F-91W’s backlight, which might be slightly underwhelming in low-light conditions, and its splash-resistant rating, which could be a bit limiting. Nevertheless, considering its starting price of £10 and up from reputable watch sellers (linked below), it’s a timepiece that’s a valuable addition to any watch enthusiast’s collection and a delightful one to wear.

View our video review of the Casio F-91W

View our How to Tutorial on how to operate the Casio F-91W


The Casio F-91W Alternatives

For those seeking an alternative to the F-91W with a more robust backlight, consider the Casio F-105W. It shares the same dimensions and functions, including water resistance, but features an outstanding backlight for night-time visibility. On the other hand, there’s the versatile Casio W-86H, which matches the dimensions of the Casio F-91W but combines it with the same reliable backlight and a water resistance of 50 meters, making it the ultimate everyday companion!



The 80’s Smart Watch! The Casio CA-53W.

Casio CA-53W Digital Calculator Watch

Get your Casio CA-53W Digital Calculator Watch from Amazon

If you’re in search of the perfect Casio gift for that special someone, especially if they already own a Casio F-91W or appreciate a touch of retro vintage nostalgia, look no further than the Casio CA-53W Digital watch. This timepiece not only provides precise timekeeping with its quartz-powered module but also boasts a convenient built-in rubberized numbered keypad and an 8-digit calculator display, making it capable of handling simple mathematical calculations.

Measuring a comfortable 43mm in width, 34mm in height, and 8mm in thickness, it’s one of the most wearable watches we’ve come across during our reviews on the We Try Anything channel. Coupled with its straightforward, easy-to-read digital display, it’s easy to see why this watch remains a popular choice to this day.

What sets this Casio apart is its minor celebrity status, having been worn by iconic characters like Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2 and 3, Mr. Bean, and Walter White in Breaking Bad. This gives it a unique charm that goes beyond your typical digital watch.

Priced at just £28, its affordability makes it easy to overlook the absence of a backlight and water resistance.

View our video review of the Casio CA-53W

View our How to Tutorial on how to operate the Casio CA-53W


The Casio CA-53 Alternative

If you feel this watch might be a touch too simplistic for your loved one and you’re looking for an alternative with a bit more functionality (complete with a calculator), consider the Casio DBC-32 digital watch. While it shares the same lack of water resistance as the CA-53, it offers a larger, more feature-rich display and even includes a built-in Telememo, perfect for storing a few essential phone numbers in case your loved one misplaces their smartphone.


The ideal watch for people with less-than-perfect eyesight.  The Casio AE-1500WH.

Casio AE-1500WH Gift Guide

Get your Casio AE-1500WH from Amazon

If you are looking for a present that is for someone, who like me, needs to wear glasses or whose eyesight isn’t the best then a Casio with a big simple display may be the ideal watch to give as a gift this year.

The Casio that we feel will be up to the job is the Casio AE-1500WH digital watch.  Available in both positive and negative displays this Casio is big, simple and super easy to read both close up and at a distance.  If the blue-cased version that we are featuring here isn’t to your intended’s taste, then no fear as the Casio AE-1500WH is also available in a few different flavours with the light-cased version sporting a negative display being one of our favourites.

As well as that stunning big display, this watch is also feature-packed with a stopwatch that can measure an elapsed time of up to 24 hours, a countdown timer that can countdown from 24 hours, 5 daily alarms with an hourly signal, dual time which is ideal for travellers plus this watch has an automatic calendar and 12/24 hour time formats all built into a digital quartz powered modules that has a battery life of up to 10 years from new.

All of this is encased within a resin body that measures approximately 54.5mm wide by 51.2mm tall and has a thickness of nearly 16mm, so it is quite a big watch and may not suit all wrists but if it does then this watch is a beauty to wear plus easy to read in the day and at night with that double LED amber backlight.

Available from £25 upwards this is a lot of watch for the money and with that incredible display not only can you tell the time without wearing glasses, but you can also probably tell the time from the other side of the room.

View our video review of the Casio AE-1500WH

View our How to Tutorial on how to operate the Casio AE-1500WH


The Casio AE-1500WH Alternative

If the AE-1500WH is a Casio that may be a bit on the large side to give as a gift and you still want gift a digital watch that has a fairly large numbered, easy-to-read digital display then you should consider either the Casio W-96H or the Casio W-800H. Two very popular watches with the viewers of the We Try Anything channel and not only are they easy to read the time from but are simple to use and above all very affordable as gifts to give this year.  Also, the next watch may be another one to consider as it does feature a very easy-to-read display.



For the fitness guru, walker or step spotter. The Casio WS-2100H.

Casio WS-2100H Digital Watch Gift Guide

Get your Casio WS-2100H from Amazon

If the person in your life is into daily workouts, jogging, walking or even just wondering how many steps they undertake on a daily basis then there are a whole host of smartwatches that can help them record how they perform, with the daddy of them all being the Apple Watch. But if they want something that is simple to operate, doesn’t need an app or smartphone and is budget-friendly then we believe the Casio WS-2100H digital watch may be the ideal watch to get them as a gift this Christmas.

Encased within a wearable 100-metre water-resistant, durable resin plastic case measuring approximately 50mm wide by 48mm tall and 14.6mm thick this watch isn’t the smallest of watches that we have featured in this list, but it does have a lot of fitness focussed technology built into it making it the ideal sports watch for any fitness fan of any level.

Boasting a stopwatch that can measure within a 100th of a second up to 24 hours and can store up to 200 elapsed time, split time and lap time data point entries the Casio WS-2100H is the ideal companion for someone who is looking to start their fitness journey in January, obviously once all the Christmas dinners, chocolates and drinks are out of the way!

As well as a sport focussed stopwatch and date point recall this watch features a Countdown Timer Alarm, Dual Time, 5 alarms and Hourly Signal, Automatic Calendar, 12 and 24-hour time formats, Day Light Saving Time, Mute function and bright amber LED backlight. Believe it or not, it can also tell the time in a very viewer-friendly way plus the real chef’s kiss is that it also has a very handy Step Tracker built into it which we have tested and while not as accurate as say the Apple Watch it wasn’t far off and for the money you can’t argue with what it has to offer. Offered on Amazon from only £38 you get a lot for your money and if the person in your life that you are buying this watch for isn’t that sporty then it’s a great overall watch to wear on the wrist.

View our video review of the Casio WS-2100H

View our How to Tutorial on how to operate the Casio WS-2100H


The Casio WS-2100H Alternative

If the Casio WS-2100H isn’t the watch for the fitness-loving person in your life, then an ideal alternative may be the Casio AE-1300WH digital watch. While it doesn’t have a step counter and 200 data point lap memory it does feature it does feature a dual timer that will allow for interval training which is ideal for those people who again want a watch that will help them with their fitness but doesn’t want to go the whole smartwatch route.



The best cheap beater watch. The Casio W-218H.

Casio W-218H Digital Watch Gift Guide

Get your Casio W-218H from Amazon

Casio has earned a reputation for delivering reliable, budget-friendly timepieces for everyday wear, and the Casio W-218H is a great example of this. If you’re in search of an affordable watch that can handle the rigours of daily use without worry of scratches or dings, the Casio W-218H might just be the perfect choice.

Starting at just £17, this Casio model is a perfect example of a “wear and forget” watch.  Housed within its 50-meter water-resistant plastic resin case and strap, you’ll find a stopwatch, daily alarm with hourly signal, a surprisingly effective LED light, and an Auto Calendar that even accounts for leap years – a nifty feature indeed.

Measuring a modest 44.5mm in width, 43mm in height, and with a case thickness of just under 11mm, it’s an exceptionally comfortable and easy-to-wear timepiece.  What’s more, with a battery life of up to 7 years, it’s a reliable companion that will stand the test of time.

In terms of aesthetics, it exudes a rugged charm not often found in watches of this price range. It bears a resemblance to the more expensive models in Casio’s G-Shock collection. The display is exceptionally legible, even from a distance, and its straightforward approach to time-telling makes it an ideal daily wear.

When it comes to gifting, you can’t go wrong with presenting this watch to a special someone this Christmas. It not only comes at an incredibly affordable price, but it’s also available in a range of colours. In addition to the positive LCD display version showcased here, there’s also a negative display option, ideal for those seeking a bit more style. A fantastic offering from Casio for the price.

View our video review of the Casio W-218H

View our How to Tutorial on how to operate the Casio WS-2100H


The Casio W-218H Alternative

For those seeking an even more budget-friendly alternative, consider the Casio F-108H. This model bears a striking resemblance to its slightly pricier counterpart and shares many of the same features. The lower cost is attributed to the omission of the 50 meters of water resistance, and the case may not exude the same premium feel. However, if these factors aren’t critical and you appreciate the broader colour palette (beyond the featured blue), then the Casio F-108H presents itself as a compelling option for those looking to spend a bit less.



We trust that you’ll find some of the recommendations and substitutes we’ve provided to be appealing gift options for both Christmas and birthdays. While there are certainly other digital watches worth considering, the ones we’ve highlighted here are those we’ve personally reviewed and continue to cherish in our collection. Given that we wear them regularly ourselves, we believe they make excellent suggestions for your potential purchases.

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