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5 Budget Perfume Gift Ideas for Women

Women’s Budget Fragrance Ideas for Christmas

Not long until the big day arrives and following on from our article about 5 budget fragrance gift ideas for men we thought that we should write an article about budget fragrance gift ideas for the woman in your life.

Here we go!


1. Britney Spears Fantasy, Eau de Parfum


For the seductive and more elusive lady in your life, this perfume from the pop princess Britney Spears is sited as a magical love potion embracing sensuality and sweet temptation.  Created with a mixture of notes ranging from Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate Orchid through to Red Lychee, Golden Quince, Kiwi and ending with base notes such as Musk and Orris Root this perfume has a beautiful, light floral scent to it.

It’s a firm favourite with the reviewers on Amazon. As it’s a perfume that smells good and lasts a while plus for the price that you can obtain the 100ml version for you do get a lot for your money.  It’s definitely worth considering if you are looking to buy as a great gift idea for the lady in your life.

Get Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum from Amazon



2. Katy Perry Purr, Eau de Parfum

Purr by Katy Perry - Perfume

The next suggestion on our gift ideas list is a perfume that may be better suited for either a teenage daughter, niece or for the women in your life who is after a budget daytime scent.

Purr, from the very well known pop singer Katy Perry, is a perfume that has a very distinctive bottle design to it which is fashioned into the shape of a cat, so could be a great gift for cat lovers.  It’s also purple, which would be also ideal for the woman in your life who loves the colour purple or purple cats if there’s such an animal.

Katy Perry’s Purr has a feminine, delicate, sweet aroma to it that isn’t too overpowering while aiming to be sophisticated in its smell.  It embodies notes of peach, apple, gardenia and green bamboo with jasmine, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose amongst others and finishes off with white musk, amber and coconut.

The scent doesn’t last for ages but it’s good for a few hours of daytime wear and can easily be topped up. It’s a firm favourite when you look at the reviews on websites like Amazon and and ideal for that younger lady in your life.

Get Katy Perry Purr Eau de Parfum for Women from Amazon


3. Tommy Girl, Eau De Toilette

Tommy Girl Eau De Toilette

Moving away slightly from celebrity-endorsed perfumes we have our next gift idea contender, Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Girl is a fragrance created for the woman in your life who is spontaneous, youthful and free-spirited.  Launched way back in 1996, this is more of a classic woman’s perfume fragrance that has embraced more of a nostalgically cool rebirth and is a firm favourite with women of all ages, young and old.

The smell from this scent is quite flowery while not being overwhelmingly so and is derived from notes of sweet honeysuckle, wild heather and Tangerine to give the Eau de Toilette its classic aroma.

Another popular women’s fragrance with reviewers on the likes of Amazon and well worth considering if you’re stuck for that last minute gift.

Get Tommy Girl from Amazon



4. Vera Wang – Princess, Eau de Toilette

Vera Wang's Princess Perfume Gift

A large heart-shaped bottle of perfume from Vera Wang is what you need to tell that special woman in your life that you love her.  Princess is the Eau de Toilette from Vera Wang that not only has that heart-shaped look good factor to it but it’s also a fragrance which has a floral, fruity smell to it that’s as unique as the lady who it’s intended for.

The smell emanating from Vera Wang’s Princess comes from a combination of a waterlily, apple, mandarin, golden apricot, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla to give the eau de toilette it’s remarkable smell.

Intended for the woman in your life who is headstrong with a mind of her own, this fragrance would make any woman feel like a Princess.

Get Princess by Vera Wang from Amazon



5. Versace Versus Red Jeans, Perfume

Versace Versus Red Jeans Perfume

Finally, on our list of budget fragrance gifts for women, we have another classic perfume from the 1990’s and that is Versus Red Jeans from Versace.  Red Jeans is a classic, casual, everyday designer perfume for the modern woman.  It has a sharp, fruity smell to it which is very feminine in its floral aroma.

The perfume is composed of hints of jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and lily to give the perfume it’s distinctively fresh smell which never overpowers whoever smells it.

As a perfume, it’s an instantly recognisable classic.  This is not only down to its smell but also because of its distinctive red bottle and packaging, plus for the price that you can get this perfume for it should be a must on anyone’s gift list.

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We hope that the above list gives you some great gift ideas and if there is any we haven’t listed here then leave a comment below and to the list in the near future.

We also understand that some of the perfumes that we have listed here might not be to everyone’s liking, as everyone is different.  If you are still unsure then why not pop down to your local department store or perfumery, give them a whirl and you will see why had we mentioned them here.

We have also written an article with 5 budget gift ideas for men which you can find by CLICKING HERE!

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