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5 Gift Ideas for Fortnite Gamers and Fans

Great Gift Ideas for the avid Fortnite fan

It goes without saying that the game Fortnite, from Epic Games, needs no introduction.  But if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year then all you need to know is that Fortnite, one of the biggest games in the world to date, is a free online multiplayer game where the main aim of the game is survival.  Playing solo, in teams or with friends you are pitted up against 99 other players, from around the world, all with the same aim of being the last player standing and getting that coveted number 1 place.

As well as shooting other players you can build forts to protect yourself, battle monsters and even create your own worlds in Playground mode.  There’s a lot to do and it has a massive player base.  So we thought well why not list some gift ideas that the Fortnite players in our lives here at We Try Anything would love and share that wealth with you.  We have whittled it down to only 5 items for now but if we think of any more we will update the list as we go along.  So get yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy…

1. Monopoly Fortnite Edition Board Game

Fortnite Gift Idea - Monopoly

Just like Fortnite needs no introduction neither does the board game Monopoly.  When you combine the two together then you have a recipe for a great number of thrills and spills for all the family to enjoy during the festive holidays.

In this version of Monopoly the main aim of the game, just like Fortnite, is to survive.  This can be done by claiming locations, battling opponents and avoiding the impending storm to keep your character going.  Instead of money, you earn health points to keep your character in the game and this can be done by owning locations, building walls and generally damaging other players until they are knocked out of the game.

The great thing about Fortnite Monopoly, as a gift suggestion, is that all of the family can gather round and enjoy a very modern take on Monopoly and for a bit of fun on Christmas Day then this is a sure thing.

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2. Fortnite Funko Pop Vinyl Collectable Figures

Fortnite Funko Vinyl Christmas Gift Ideas

Why not surprise the Fortnite fan in your life with a great Funko POP Vinyl figurine of their favourite Fortnite character.

Funko POP creates officially licenced characters from popular culture categories ranging from films, TV Shows and Comics to name a few, each of which gets their own distinctive spin on them to create high-quality collectable vinyl figures, action toys, plushes etc.

With the Fortnite characters, Funko POP has teamed up with Fortnite’s creators, EPIC Games, to release a set of figures that every Fortnite fan would love and prize as a great addition to any Fortnite gamers bedroom shelf or bedside table and therefore would make an ideal gift for that big Fortnite fan this Christmas.

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3. Fortnite Calendar 2019

Fortnite Calendar 2019 Christmas Gift Idea

A great gift for Fortnite fans is the Fortnite 2019 Calendar.  Packed with everyone’s favourite Fortnite character avatars including Cuddle Team Leader and Rex, this calendar is a must for any Fortnite fan to receive as a gift on Christmas Day.

Colourful, well designed and featuring ample spaces to place your events, Fornite updates plus so much more happening throughout the year then this Calendar is as practical as it is eye-catching. Plus for the price that these can be obtained for they can be easily bought as a great stocking filler or small gift for a more distant relative or friend.

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4. Xbox One X Console to play Fortnite on!

Xbox One X - Fortnite Gift Idea

It’s a little out there but an Xbox One X would be an absolutely fantastic present for anyone even if they are a Fortnite fan or not!

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console you can buy on the market today.  It can play games that are optimised for the platform up to a super-sharp resolution of 4K on a suitable 4K TV and is all packaged in an even sharper black case, fit for anyone’s living room or bedroom.

So not only can you play Fortnite at a super smooth 60 frames per second it will also look great as well which is a fantastic way to play the game.  An additional bonus to this console is that everything loads faster, so there is more time for gaming and with it’s inbuilt added power even games that have not been fully optimised for the system will run smoother plus it’s backwards compatible with older Xbox games – winner, winner chicken dinner in our books!

Read more about the Xbox One X via the link below and if you were looking for that ultimate gift for the Fortnite gamer or fan in your life and you have the budget to spend then this would be an absolute no-brainer!

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5. PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Gift Voucher

Playstation Store - Xbox Live Voucher Fortnite

Finally, why not consider a Gift voucher for the Fortnite fan in your life.

This could be either a PlayStation Store or Xbox Live voucher depending on what console they are playing Fornite on and they can simply redeem the value online and convert it into V-Bucks, which is Fortnite’s in-game currency.  This would allow them to choose their own skins, mods etc and if they don’t use it on Fortnite then they can simply use the voucher to download other games featured either on the PlayStation or Xbox Store, saving you having to dig your credit card out and spend even more money!

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We hope you like our Fortnite Gift suggestion list and keep your eyes peeled for more updates happening soon!

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