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5 Great Gift Ideas for Retro Gamers

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Great Retro Gaming Gift Ideas

Retro gaming is enjoying a massive popularity surge at the moment.  It might be the simple but addictive gameplay or the strong feelings of nostalgia they bring when retro games are being played.  Nowadays the retro video game market is being better catered for, especially in the wake of actual arcades popping up around the country with Arcade Club in Bury being one example, and it has never been a better time to enjoy being a retro gamer.

In this article, we are suggesting some great potential gift ideas for the retro gamer ranging from the easily affordable to the not so cheap.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.


The C64 Mini

Commodore C64 Mini - Retro Gaming Gift Idea

Growing up in the 80’s the school playground argument was always what was the better home computer, the Sinclair Spectrum or the Commodore C64.  We owned a Sinclair Spectrum so we were quite biased but we do admit that we were quite envious of the C64 as it had graphics with more colours, better sound via it’s inbuilt SID chip and games like the Last Ninja and Uridium looked and played amazingly well on it.

Fast forward to today and the retro gamer can enjoy the delights of the Commodore C64, just in a smaller form factor.  Produced by Retro Games Limited the C64 Mini is the official version of the Commodore C64 which has been released for retro gamers to relive those 8-bit gaming glory days of the 80’s without the tape loading problems and long loading times.

Including titles such as Uridium, California Games, Monty Mole and Speedball 2 it comes with 64 pre-installed Commodore C64 games with the option of adding more later on.  As well as the C64 Mini you get a joystick included in the box so it’s ready to play.

For a big slice of retro gaming history then look no further than the C64 Mini and as a retro gift idea as it would take some beating on Christmas Day.

Buy the C64 Mini on Amazon here



Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 16GB Retro Gaming Bundle

Retro Pi Gaming Package Gift

This is a great retro gaming gift idea if the person in your life likes to create their own bespoke retro gaming system experience.  Based on the excellent Raspberry Pi 3+, this system uses an operating system called Retro Pi as a platform to play games from system greats such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, Commodore Amiga and many more besides.

The package comes complete with the Raspberry Pi 3+ system itself, a case to house the Raspberry Pi, two PiHut branded USB SNES Style Gamepads, a 16GB Class 10 Micro SD and Micro SD to USB adapter, an Official Raspberry Pi 5.1V 2.5A UK/EU/USA Power Supply and a 2 metre HDMI cable.

The system comes in kit form and once put together you will need to download the Retro Pi software and then look for the games, know as ROMs, that are available to obtain across the internet.

As we say this isn’t a prebuilt system with the games preloaded onto it and it will take a few YouTube videos and visits to retro gaming forums to get the best out of the system but for something for the avid retro gamer who isn’t afraid of a bit of research, quite technically minded and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty with setting the system up and configuring it correctly then this system would make a great addition to anyone’s retro gaming setup.

Buy the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 16GB Retro Gaming Bundle from Amazon



Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Console

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Console

Next on our list of gift ideas for retro gamers is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Console.  Now much smaller then the original, this mini console released by Nintendo is based on the highly successful Super Nintendo console, that was launched in 1992.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, better know as the SNES, was the more powerful 16-bit variant that sported better graphics and sound compared to other home entertainment systems that were on sale at the time.  The SNES also boasts some of the most famously playable games to date making it one of the most iconic systems of the 1990s.

In the box you get everything needed to instantly set it up and play.  As well as the mini console itself, you get two official Nintendo SNES Classic wired controllers – which are great for those two-player games, a USB power cable and an HDMI cable.  Just be aware that you don’t get a USB power adapter in the box so you may need to factor this into your purchase.

As well as the above, the system is packed with twenty pre-loaded SNES classics to enjoy on Christmas Day.  Some of the games included are Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda – A link to the Past and Star Fox, to name just a few.

As a potential gift idea for the retro gamer in your life then it’s a quick and simple way for them to get their retro gaming fix and with some of the games included with the system, we felt that this would be a great way to relive the golden age of gaming for kids and adults alike.

Buy the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Console from Amazon



The Nostalgia Nerd’s Retro Tech: Computer, Consoles & Games (Tech Classics)

The Nostalgia Nerd's Retro Tech: Computer, Consoles & Games

Written by Peter Leigh, who is a well-followed retro gaming YouTuber known as ‘Nostalgia Nerd’.  This accessible coffee table type book would be a fantastic stocking filler for the person in your life who is mad about gaming and technology that stemmed from back in the golden era of home computing and consoles.

This colourful well-written book details home computer systems, consoles and games that we released in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s and gives the reader an insight into the stories and happenings around the gaming systems and industry that was rapidly expanding at the time.

You can read about nearly over 50 early home-based consoles and computer systems from the Magnavox Odyssey, Apple II, Tandy TRS-80 all the way up to the more recent gaming systems such as the Atari Jaguar, Nintendo Gamecube and Microsoft Xbox, to name a few.  Each early system looked at in this book has an explanation as to how it came to be, how it advanced gaming and some of the gaming highlights and low-lights that were released for each platform written about in the book.

This book can be purchased in either its hardback form or you can download it to Kindle.  We think that the hardback version would be an ideal gift to read on a Christmas Day, reliving the games industry nostalgia that was the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Buy The Nostalgia Nerd’s Retro Tech book from Amazon



Super Mario Bros “Build A Level” Mug, Multi-Colour

Super Mario Build a Level Mug

More as a bit of fun than anything, this is a retro gaming gift suggestion that could ap-peal (sorry about the pun) to all ages 6 years old and above.  Here we have a customisable Super Mario Bros Drinking Mug.

Basically, the 300ml drinking mug features what would be easily recognised as a level from the game Super Mario Brothers with the main difference being that the mug only features the background graphics ie a blue sky and a brown pixellated floor.  The fun comes with the waterproof stickers that come packaged with the mug.

These stickers feature elements of the Super Mario Brothers game that you can stick anywhere on the mug and fashion into what could be seen as your own level of the game from Nintendo.  There are all sorts of sticker graphics ranging from the pipes with monsters poking out of them that Mario had to jump over, through to the monsters like Goomba that Mario can jump on or avoid and not forgetting the main man himself Mario.

As a budget retro gaming gift idea then this would be worth looking at, especially as it has a bit of fun to it and is more of a novel way of enjoying a drink while playing those retro games on Christmas Day.

Buy The Super Mario Build a Level Mug from Amazon


We hope the above gives you some inspiration as to what to buy a retro gamer as a gift idea for Christmas or any other time of the year.  We will be adding to this list as we find more items to feature, so bookmark this page and come back soon!

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