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All New Suzuki Swift Review

The Suzuki Swift Attitude – Is it a small car worth considering?

Here’s our video review of the brand new facelifted 2019 Suzuki Swift Attitude 1.2 Petrol 5dr supermini.  This review first looks at the exterior of the Suzuki Swift Attitude and then reviews the interior going through the number of people that it can seat comfortably, the technology that it comes with as standard and then the quality of design that you can expect upfront when you sit in the driver’s seat.

We then take a look at how the Suzuki Swift Attitude drives and what it was like to run for a full seven days doing the school run, on the motorway and how economical it was.

Finally, we summarise by asking if it is a small car worth considering for your money and if we had the chance to buy one would we?

Our written review will be coming soon for the Suzuki Swift attitude but for now, we hope you enjoy our video.

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