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Casio AEQ-110W (Module 5479) Watch Review – The affordable alternative to a G-Shock?

Casio AEQ-110W Analogue Digital Watch Review

As we have a fair bit of experience reviewing Casios on both our YouTube channel and here on the We Try Anything website we always like it when Casio offers a watch that is both feature-packed and good to look at, all at a very affordable price.

The watch we are referring to is the Casio AEQ-110W.  The Casio AEQ-110W is a blend of analogue styling with that digital feature-packed element to it.

In the video review above we take a more in-depth review of the Casio AEQ-110W by examining its styling, material composition and some of the many features built into the watch.  We also pop it on our wrist and discuss what it is like to wear on a daily basis and then we close out the review with our overall verdict.

So why not watch our review and learn more about the Casio AEQ-110W.

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After an instruction manual for the Casio AEQ-110W – then click here!


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