DRAPER 64514 BATTERY TESTER Hands on Review and Demonstration – Is it any good?

DRAPER 64514 BATTERY TESTER Hands-on Review and Demonstration – Is it any good?

Have a device that is powered by batteries such as AAAs, AAs, C cells or even D cells? Are you unsure if the replacement batteries you have lying about in a drawer or cupboard have any available power in them?

Then hopefully the review that we have featured above will help you with that!

In the above review, we look at Draper’s 64514 Battery Tester to see how it works with batteries of all shapes and sizes and ask the question is it any good?

We test out AAAs, AAs, C, D and even some button cell batteries to illustrate how the Draper Battery Tester works as well as giving you our overall thoughts about the battery tester and if it is worth your time and (pardon the pun) energy.

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