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Fortnite – When will Playground Mode be online?

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The brand new Playground mode built into Epic Games’ massively popular game Fortnite was due for worldwide release yesterday, 27th June 2018.  As many kids and adults around the UK yesterday were racing back home to play the new mode on Fortnite via their PS4, Xbox One, PC or smartphone they were hit with the bad news that the brand new Playground LTM mode was taken offline after just two hours of it being live on Epic Games’ servers.

Fortnite Screenshot

What’s the reason for Fortnite’s Playground mode being taken offline?

In simple terms, it was just down to the number of users trying to access the new Playground mode that the multiplayer matchmaking part of the new mode couldn’t cope with the demand that was expected of it which in turn was affecting the other modes within the game hence it had to be taken offline.


When will Fortnite’s Playground mode be online?

From what we have just understood, Epic Games have just announced that they have separated Fortnite’s Playground mode’s matchmaking service from the rest of the game, so it doesn’t affect the rest of the game and have made improvements and changes which they will push later on today to help cope with the demand for Fortnite’s new mode.  So with crossed fingers, we believe that it will be very soon as there are multiple teams of developers working on this fix.

If you want to keep up-to-date with the status of what is happening to get Fortnite’s new Playground mode up and running again simply follow this link which will take you to their Reddit page:

or you can follow the progress closer on Twitter:


What is Fortnite’s new Playground mode all about?

Basically, Fortnite’s new game mode Playground launches the player into a lower pressure environment where their creative streak can run riot.

Fortnite Skydiving Playground Mode

Instead of beating the encroaching storm circle and killing off other players to survive and be number one, whether you play as a team or as a solo player, you can now spend your time building structures, having fun with friends and even testing weapons out to see their effectiveness and how they work.

The beauty of this mode is that you are not constantly pitted against other players who are intent on making sure that they are the only one surviving.

For kids, this mode will be a fantastic addition to the game as they can focus on building and being more creative within the Fortnite environment because if you have children who love playing this game then you may have noticed their constant screaming at the TV due to the frustration of being taken out by someone who is probably two or three times their age with a lot more gaming experience.

Like the rest of the world, we can’t wait for Fortnite’s Playground mode to be online and you can be rest assured at We Try Anything we will bring you a review of the new gaming mode very soon, fingers crossed.

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