Is Guinness 0.0 any good? – Guinness 0.0 Review and Taste Test

A Guinness 0.0 review from a Guinness Draught drinker!

As someone who has drank Guinness for most of their 20’s, 30’s and into their early 40’s, there have been plenty of great nights out fuelled by the ‘Black Stuff’ from Dublin in Ireland.

As someone who is getting a little older and has other priorities in life, like raising children being one of them. Falling around drunk on a night out isn’t on my list of priorities. There’s also something that you can’t beat when waking up without a world-ending hangover that seems to take an eternity to end.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being social and having a great time while out drinking, it is very much built into British culture. But, if there is an opportunity to take the foot off the drinking pedal then on most nights out I tend to prefer staying sober. Yes, I am probably being a bit soft, but for me, you sometimes can’t beat jumping back into your car on a night out and avoiding the usual scrum that is getting a taxi ride home.

So when I read that the Guinness brewery was releasing a version of my much-loved drink with zero alcohol, I was over the moon!!

Guinness zero or to be correct in saying Guinness 0.0 is the new non-alcoholic drink, from Guinness, that’s a stout beer completely free of alcohol. Yes, I said that right a stout that has no alcohol in it.

So, I thought that it was time to try Guinness 0.0 and see what it is like.

Guinness 0.0 what’s it like out of the can?

The branding on the cans is unmistakably Guinness and the thing that you will notice is the large blue ‘0.0’ emblazoned on the front of the cans denoting its alcohol-free contents.

On opening a can of Guinness 0.0, you do get that usual fizz noise that is easily associated with its alcohol-filled brother. You also notice that there is a slight difference in the smell of the newly opened can, ie the lack of alcohol. Not a bad thing but if you love your Guinness as much as I do you will notice it.

Pouring the Guinness 0.0 into a clean Guinness branded pint glass it does seem to be very close to the usual Guinness Draught can experience. Once it was left to settle and then topped up it did have that creamy head that you would come to expect from the usual Guinness Draught drink.

Unfortunately, as the contents of the can are under a pint, at 440ml, then you couldn’t get the ‘Domage’ effect that a pub poured pint of Guinness Draught enjoys. Though saying that the head was still good enough to distinguish it as a Guinness.

So, the all-important question, what’s the Guinness 0.0 taste like?

Well, I am extremely happy to say that I like it. It does seem slightly watery compared to the original Guinness Draught but it is still just as smooth and creamy as you would expect from Guinness. It also contains those lovely bittersweet notes with no real aftertaste that you do sometimes get from normal Guinness.

The weird thing with drinking a drink that you associate with nights out and feeling a little tipsy after a few cans is you don’t get that fuzzy feeling. That is the strange part of it all for me and after having a few cans of Guinness 0.0 and still feeling sober is a strange experience that you do quickly get used to and enjoy.


Overall verdict, is Guinness 0.0 any good?

In my opinion, Guinness has a great product on its hands. While most ardent Guinness Draught drinkers will notice the difference in the taste of Guinness 0.0 and may prefer to go with the alcoholic version, I love the fact that you can now enjoy an alcohol-free glass of Guinness that not only tastes great but also looks great in the glass.

So go out, get some and enjoy that lovely Guinness 0.0 fuelled clear head the next day. Sláinte everyone!


Click here to find out more about Guinness 0.0

Please drink responsibly – Drink Aware UK


Image credit: ©Guinness

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