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Is Polywatch Scratch Remover Any Good for Removing Scratches?

Polywatch Watch Face Scratch Remover – Is this £5 polish any good for removing scratches from watches?

If like us, you have a large collection of Casio watches and you like to wear them daily then from time to time you will notice that they will pick up scratches and micro-abrasions.  It is inevitable and typically scratches tend to occur more on your favourite Casio watches.

The reason for this is because a lot of Casio watches have what is known as Acrylic glass as their dial window or watch face if you will and acrylic glass is a form of plastic that isn’t resistant to scratches.

Casio isn’t the only brand that uses this material for the dial window on their watches but it is a brand that is very popular with watch collectors who are at the more affordable end of the spectrum, like us.

So in our Polywatch review video above, we take a look at Polywatch glass polish and scratch remover and see what it is like to remove scratches from one of the watches that we have recently purchased from eBay, the Casio W-210.  We show you how to apply Polywatch, the results from using Polywatch and then finally we give you our overall verdict asking does Polywatch watch polish and scratch remover actually work?

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