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If you asked most adults and children who is one of the most well-known DC superheroes in the world of comics then we would easily hazard a guess that Superman would be one of the most mentioned.  Well today, we are going to review Superman but not in the usual film or comic form but in the form of a Lego character alarm clock.

A little bit about Lego Superman

Superman Lego Alarm Clock Review - We Try AnythingSuperman, as a comic book character, debuted in 1933 on the front of Action Comics number one and has been a highly successful, firm favourite since then.

With superpowers such as flight, super strength, super speed, laser shooting eyes and invincibility you can see why from the off that his success has been achieved within the world of comics.  The Man of Steel, as he is also titled, is also a symbol of all that is good and with that in mind, you can see why children see this as a character to live up to.

Superman debuted as a Lego-styled character in the game LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes which appeared on a raft of gaming platforms such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to name a few and due to his massive popularity as a Lego-styled character he was then introduced as part of Lego’s superhero toy line up and as a minifigure in the Man of Steel guise.

As well as being a minifigure and featuring in the Lego toy set lineup, Superman has now been immortalised as a Lego minifigure alarm clock figurine and that is what we are going to have a look at.

Super recognisable design

The Lego Superman Alarm Clock is instantly recognisable as part of the Lego family.  It’s basically a supersized Lego minifigure version of Superman measuring approximately 8 inches tall.  Made out of high-quality plastics, this figurine benefits from articulation to both arms and legs which can be used by children as a playtime toy but that isn’t really what it is primarily designed for.

The design of the Lego Superman Alarm Clock is based on the version of Superman that we all know, grew up with and love.  The alarm clock features the striking blue Superman costume with red cape and the iconic Superman logo on the character’s chest.  It even features the well know hair curl that Superman is synonymous for in the DC Comics based comics and films.

The overall material quality and movement of the Lego Superman Alarm Clock is fantastic and we would say is quite hard wearing as the only areas that we would see some potential wear would be the writing on the reverse that is printed onto the alarm clock.

Lego Superman Alarm Clock LCD Clock Face - We Try Anything

What is Lego Superman like as an Alarm Clock?

The LCD dial at the front is of a fair size, compared to the rest of the character and the text used to tell the time is large and easily readable from a fair distance away.  We tried walking a few metres away from the alarm clock and we could still use it to tell the time.

The LCD clock face features the time – whether it is AM or PM, the time which the alarm is set for and whether the alarm function is set to go off.  The LCD also features a lovely blue backlight which can be activated for a few seconds by easily pressing Superman’s head down.  The LCD backlighting is fairly bright and does make telling the time a whole lot easier in the dark.

Lego Superman Alarm Clock Backlit LCD - We Try Anything

Changing the time on the LCD is easily achieved via the buttons hidden around the back of the Superman Alarm Clock and you can easily maneuver the cape around the Lego character to get to them and make the relevant changes.  Changing the time was easy to do and after a bit of fumbling with button press combinations, we changed the time and alarm function without much bother.

Also hidden around the back of the alarm clock is the battery compartment which was accessible by using a Phillips screwdriver to undo the screw and open the compartment.  To power the alarm clock’s LCD you will find that it uses 2 x AAA batteries which found have lasted for a fair amount of time.

Lego Superman Alarm Clock Button Detail - We Try Anything

When the alarm is activated we found it loud enough to be heard in the next room so it was effective and more than enough to wake anyone up and as with most alarm clocks pressing Superman’s head while the alarm was going off activated the snooze function giving you those extra valuable minutes in bed.

Is Lego’s Superman Alarm Clock, Super?

Overall we thought that Lego’s Superman Alarm Clock was a great gift to give to anyone who likes Superman and loves Lego.  It is well-made, child and adult friendly and features an easy to read LCD clock face with the added benefit of a fairly loud alarm.  We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this item and if you shop around you can sometimes get it cheaper than the normal RRP.  We think that it is definitely time that you took flight to get hold of one of these!


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