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Our Top Ten Loudest Casio Watches in the Collection

Our Top Ten Loudest Casio Watches in the Collection



In the video above, we’re exploring a simple yet intriguing question: which Casio digital watch in our collection has the loudest alarm?

As our YouTube channel has increasingly focused on Casio watches, we’ve amassed quite a collection. Surprisingly, we still have about 96% of the watches featured on our channel, which is quite a significant number.

When a suggestion came in from one of our YouTube viewers, proposing that we find out which Casio watch with a built-in alarm beeps the loudest, we thought it was a great idea. Instead of showcasing every watch we tested, we’ve chosen to highlight ten of our loudest Casio watches with built-in alarms.

While a video showing all the watches we’ve tested is coming soon, this one will exclusively feature the ten loudest Casios from our collection.

Now, a bit of context for this video. It’s important to note that this isn’t a rigorous scientific experiment to definitively determine the loudest beep. We used an iPhone 8 with a decibel meter app to provide the readings. We must also admit that we didn’t have access to a soundproof room, which would have ensured a completely accurate overall reading. Additionally, it’s worth considering that some of the watches we have measured are vintage eBay finds, while others are brand new. Consequently, variations in volume may arise due to factors such as age, condition, and battery life. Nonetheless, we were pleasantly surprised by the results.

Measuring the decibel levels of just over 47 Casio watches was no small feat. Despite a few minor microphone hiccups and filming in our kitchen to minimize the noise from passing cars, we took great care to ensure that all potential sources of interference were turned off.

Furthermore, if there were instances where the microphone didn’t capture the beep as accurately as we’d have liked, we took the liberty of enhancing the sound in post-production, purely for your auditory pleasure. It’s important to clarify that this adjustment had no bearing on the decibel readings—it was simply done to enhance your viewing experience.

We hope that the video above offers you a rough overview of the ten loudest Casio watches in our collection, some of which are readily available for purchase from Amazon today!


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