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SuperTooth Buddy Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car Kit Review

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The ‘super’ hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone car kit from Supertooth.

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If you’re like us and the phone always seems to ring not when you are in the house but when you are in the car driving, then let We Try Anything introduce you to the Buddy Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car Kit from Supertooth.   Launched in 2010, this device is an in-car speakerphone solution for people who, like us, don’t have the luxury of a Bluetooth option built into their car and is a device that will simply allow your Bluetooth enabled smartphone to connect wirelessly to this device to take, reject and make calls.  The Supertooth Buddy is designed to be simple to install onto your car’s sun visor with the supplied metal clip and being in that position we would imagine that the device’s speaker and mouthpiece would be as close to the driver as possible allowing for clearer speaking into the device and a better listening position.


Was it easy to fit the Superbuddy BUDDY Bluetooth visor speakerphone into a car?


Design-wise, the SuperTooth Buddy is a sleek lozenge-shaped item with a width of only 49mm and a length of 130mm.

The Supertooth Buddy has a quality plastic feel to it and is designed to not be too intrusive within your car.  With a weight of only 100 grams (as mentioned by the manufacturer) it isn’t too heavy, which allows the device to firmly grip onto the supplied metallic strip via a magnet that is built into the rear of the main device.

Installing the Supertooth Buddy within our car was very quick and easy.  All we had to do was fit the supplied clip to the sun visor of our car (driver’s side) and attach the magnetic part of the Supertooth Buddy to the clip and we were well away.

There were no tools or extra cables involved, which was nice, and the beauty of having a magnetic fitting solution to the device was that if you preferred to take the device with you or hide it in the glove box of your car then you could simply take it off the supplied clip.  Alternatively, if you have the device facing you with the sun visor down then you could just move the sun visor up out of your line of sight which in turn hides the device out of the way of prying eyes.  Again it is all simple.


Was the Supertooth Buddy easy to operate?

Operating the device is easy to do.  It only has five buttons in all – volume up, volume down, on and off button (long press variety), call end/rejection and accept call button.  Also behind the green circular call accept button you have a led status indicator which shows what is going on with the device ie flashing blue led light to say that it is on and connected to a device, red and orange led light to say it is charging and so on.

On the left-hand side of the device, you will find the built-in microphone and on the reverse of the device you will find the micro USB charging port, which is a great plus as this is a common way of charging many of today’s devices and I am sure that there will always be a spare charging cable hanging around.

We used an iPhone to connect to this device which was very easy to do, once we followed the supplied instructions, and we would imagine that if you have an Android-enabled device then the process would be as easy as the iPhone’s one.  Also on reading the instructions, we found out that you can connect up to two devices to the Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth Hands-Free device which although we haven’t tried out, we could only imagine that if you and your partner share the same vehicle then this would be a benefit worth having in a device like this as it would be a kind of setup and forget gadget for your car.

Talking of connecting to the device there have been a few times that we have left it on while away from the car and found that when getting back into the car the device emits a double beep saying that your smartphone has connected to the device and is ready to use.  Supertooth call this “Auto Connect” technology and if your phone has been previously paired to this device then the reconnection is very quick indeed and it just adds to how easy we found this device to use and live with.  The only thing that we have found with the connection to this device is that as it has a connection operating range of up to ten metres and if you leave the device on and your car is parked near your house i.e. on a driveway etc then you might find, like we did, that when you are making or receiving calls at home and you are using an iPhone the Supertooth Buddy will always pop up as the option when you are taking or making a call and can get a little annoying at times as you have to make sure that the iPhone option is tapped but as long as you have turned off the Supertooth Buddy when your car is parked up at home then this shouldn’t be a problem.


What’s the standby time like for a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone?

The standby time of this device is amazing and to be honest with the four or five months we have had this device on and off in the car we have only charged it a handful of times and with Supertooth mentioning that it has a standby time of 1000 hours then we would believe that in real-world testing that it has come close to this claim.  Charging the device doesn’t take too long (around three hours) and can be done by connecting to any USB-enabled device like a mobile phone charger or as I am writing this review via my laptop’s USB port.


What’s the call quality like on the Supertooth BTBUDDY?

Now the main part is the call quality, which is the point of having this device.   In real-world testing, we have had absolutely no problem with the quality of the call to the person on the other side of the conversation and visa verse.  The speaker within the device is good though the only thing we will say that is that we found you had to make sure that the volume is fully cranked up to make sure that you can hear what the other person is saying, especially when you are travelling at speed on a motorway.  For the person on the other side, we had reports that they had no problem hearing what was said and could make out clearly what we were saying.  So in all, it was definitely worth using.


What did we think of the SuperTooth Buddy Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car Kit?

Overall we would heartily recommend this device if you are looking for a hands-free Bluetooth solution for your car.  The only thing is that we haven’t tested it against any other rivals yet and when we do then you can be assured that we will update this review to reflect any comparisons.

Saying that though there has never been any thought to the idea of getting a different device for our hands-free calling needs and we have been using it for 4 months now and we have found that it is ideal if like us you need to take a make hands-free calls while you are in your car.

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