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Pocket-Friendly Bluetooth Wireless Earphones!

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I reviewed a pair of STN-16 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo headphones a few months back which, for the silly price I had paid of £5, I felt were great value for money – you can read our review here.  Recently though, since an iPhone upgrade from the 6S to a new shiny iPhone 8, I needed a less obvious pair of headphones for when I am either exercising, on public transport or just out and about.

VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones Box Contents

After looking through Amazon and my usual visit to the HotUKDeals website (review of which you can read here) – I found a pair of Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earphones that had great reviews on Amazon and was featured on HotUKDeals by its users as being on special offer for the princely sum of £18,99.  So with my prime membership in hand, I purchased the VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones.

So what do you get in the box?

Unboxing the VAVA Moov 28 box was an easy affair and I was greeted with the following items:

  • The actual VAVA MOOV 28 Bluetooth Headphones
  • USB 2.0 to micro USB Charging Cable
  • 6 x Earbuds – Small, Medium and Large
  • 6 x Ear Hooks – Small, Medium and Large
  • A cable clip – for clipping the wire to a collar to stop the cable jumping around when being worn and being heard through the earphones
  • A nice little mesh type carrying pouch to keep them safe
  • A small user guide

For the money I paid, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got, as I wasn’t expecting that much and at the time of unboxing it all came as a very nice bonus.

What is the quality of VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones like?

Inspecting the earphones out of the box, again as per the unboxing experience, I was very impressed with the quality of them.

VAVA Moov 28 Earphones and Flat Wire - Review

The actual earphones themselves are encased in metal and at the end of each of these earphones they have magnets built into them.   The idea for this was that if you hang them around your neck when you are walking, jogging or running the earphones will magnetically stick together, acting as a kind of necklace with the aim of not falling off.  I felt that this was a great touch and only added to my first impressions of these earphones.  Quality-wise they are great, well built and do not feel in any way flimsy.

The earphones are connected together via a flat wire design which looked hard-wearing, premium and more importantly for people who like to put earphones in their pockets when out and about are tangle-free.  I had tried this feature out and no matter how much I scrunched them up they didn’t entangle themselves so these are ideal if they are something you want to just grab, wear and use.

Near the right earphone is where you will find the inline controller.  The earphone’s inline controller is where you will find the micro USB charging port, three buttons and an LED indicator light.  The buttons on the controller are labeled with a plus, minus and play symbol and they do have a few uses depending on how the VAVA Moov 28 earphones are being used.  If you are using them for music then they will turn the volume up and down, advance tracks, play and pause but if you are using them connected to a smartphone and you receive a call then they can be used to accept or even reject an incoming call without ever needing to touch your smartphone.  This was a feature I did try out with a few calls and they worked perfectly for accepting calls.

As well as the earphones you do get the earbuds themselves, of which I plumped for the medium ones to fit my ears snugly, and ear hooks.  Now with the ear hooks, I did find these uncomfortable to wear and I took them off but the idea of them is to use them so the earphones will stay in your ears when engaging in a vigorous activity but as I will be using them mainly for music at home and out walking, YouTube and the like I found that just using earbuds that fitted my ears worked well enough not to need them so your preferences may be different to mine.


What is the VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones like to operate?

To be honest, at first, I thought that I had a broken pair of earphones as typically like most males I didn’t read the instructions and was pressing the wrong button to activate them.  So once I had worked out that I needed to press the button with the play symbol on it for a few seconds to fire them up I was well away.

VAVA Moov 28 Review - Inline Controller

To pair them with your Bluetooth enabled devices, like a tablet or smartphone, was easily done by long-pressing the play button on the inline controller until you see the inbuilt LED light flash blue and red, go onto your device and search for Bluetooth devices then simply connect with the VAVA MOOV28.  You will know when you are successful with the pairing when the LED light on the inline controller flashes blue every couple of seconds and then you are ready to play your music, listen to YouTube videos, watch movies via your Bluetooth enabled device or even accept or reject phone calls.

Using the volume controls when actually listening to music I found a little bit fiddly at first when out walking, due to the position of the inline controller as they are quite near the right-hand earbud, but I did eventually get used to their location and was only a minor gripe at the initial time of use.

What are the VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones like to wear?

I found the VAVA Moov 28 earphones comfortable to wear with just the earbuds and no ear hooks installed.  When out walking they stayed in my ears and I didn’t have any problems with them falling out.  If I was out jogging then I would probably use the supplied ear hooks as an added bolster.  Also when wearing them for an extended period of time I didn’t experience any real form of pain or fatigue, which for me was a definite positive as I do listen to music a lot when I am working.

VAVA Moov 28 Earphones fitting

The positioning of the inline connector and flat wire was the only thing that I had a slight issue with as found that the wire kept on getting caught in some of the clothing I was wearing and the connector tended to do the same but if you use the additional clip it helped things massively so, in the end, it wasn’t a real issue.

VAVA Moov 28 Earphones in ear fitting

How do the VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones sound?

Bearing in mind what I had paid, £18.99, they sounded great to me!  They were a big step up from the STN-16 overhead headphones that I had purchased, reviewed and enjoyed at the time.

I found that the audio quality was fairly clear and had an ok amount base to them when listening to music around the house and when out and about in a more uncontrolled noisier environment they worked fine at cancelling out some of the outside noise that was around me.

VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones - Magnetic Ends

I did discover that when the volume level was cranked up very high the sound played through them did distort quite a bit and wasn’t as clear as they were at a lower volume.  At this higher volume, you tended to experience more of a wall of noise rather than the clear sound that was just louder.  So if you are one of those people who prefer super loud music with a lot of base then these may not be the ones for you.

One other thing to mention when having the volume cranked up is that they do leak a little audio outside of the earphones so people who may be sitting next to you, on say a bus, may make out what it is you are listening to so bear that in mind if you don’t want to annoy your fellow passengers.  The other thing that I noticed when wearing these earphones was you do experience some cable noise if you are moving around a lot but the supplied clip did aid in partly resolving this issue.

Finally, when using the VAVA Moov 28 earphones I found the range of these Bluetooth 4.2 headphones impressive for the cost.  When listening to some music from my smartphone I literally walked from the kitchen where it was sat to a bedroom upstairs at the other end of my house and they were still working with no crackles or indication of them cutting out so that was a great plus.

What is VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones running time like?

I found that charging the VAVA Moov 28 earphones from a dead battery to completely full took just over a couple of hours and through continuous use, I achieved around 5-6 hours of music-filled activity.  Charging the earphones was easily achieved via the accompanying charging cable but you will need to be aware of the fact that you do not get a USB charging adapter with the earphones so you will need to make sure that you have one around for you to be able to charge them.

VAVA Moov 28 Earphones Review

Overall impressions of the VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Earphones

To summarise, I really like the VAVA Moov 28 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earphones.  For the price I paid on Amazon, I wasn’t sure what I would get for the money but with what I had received they were of premium quality, sounded good and the battery life was great!  If you are an audiophile that is after something that offers a bit more in terms of audio quality then I would probably suggest you look somewhere else but if you are after a premium quality budget set of wireless Bluetooth earphones that are easy to carry around with you and accessible then the VAVA Moov 28 are well worth looking at and with the additional benefit of them being IPX6 rated for being splash and sweat proof then they are a well worth considering if you are looking for a wallet-friendly pair of Bluetooth Wireless Earphones.

Buy the Vava Mood 28 Earphone from Amazon


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