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CASIO AQ-180W Analogue Digital Watch Hands-on Review – Is it any good?

CASIO AQ-180W Analogue Digital Watch Hands-on Review – Is it any good?

In the above video and below written overview article, we’ll be delving further into the Casio AQ-180W Analogue Digital Watch.  We will take a closer look at the materials used, the design, the dimensions, and the various functions the Casio AQ-180W has to offer. Finally, we’ll pop it on our wrist and say what it is like to wear.


Materials and Design

The Casio AQ-180W stands out from the typical Casio watches with its metal effect painted plastic case. The polished chrome effect on the sides and the contrasting satin metal effect on the bezel give the watch what we feel is a sophisticated look to this Casio. The subtle use of black elements on the top, bottom, and pushers enhances its overall allure, making it look more expensive than its affordable price tag suggests. The watch is available in various dial backgrounds, including a sleek black dial and a shimmering silver option, catering to diverse tastes.


Dimensions and Strap

With a case diameter of approximately 40mm and an overall width of 43mm, the Casio AQ-180W proves to be an ideal size for a 6.5″ wristed individual like myself. The lug-to-lug measurement of 49mm and a depth of 15mm make it a comfortable fit. The watch features a 14mm inner lug width, which is a departure from the standard Casio models. The black resin strap, while not the most flexible, impresses with its raised texturing and sturdy construction, avoiding the toy-like feel found in cheaper bands. The strap tapers from 22mm at its widest point to 18mm.



This Casio timepiece boasts an array of functions that make it a practical and versatile companion. The watch includes a Telememo feature, enabling you to store up to 30 data records with names and telephone numbers. The World Time functionality displays the time in up to 30 cities, independent of the main timekeeping screen. For alarms, the watch provides two independent alarms and a snooze alarm, all accompanied by a 10-second sound. Additionally, an hourly signal, when activated, can help keep you on track throughout the day.

Furthermore, the Casio AQ-180W boasts a Countdown Timer capable of counting down from up to 24 hours. The Stopwatch measures elapsed time up to 24 hours, along with split times and 1st and 2nd finish times, featuring accuracy down to the 100th second.


Dial and Illumination

The dial of this watch showcases a pleasing aesthetic with its black background contrasting elegantly with the silver effect hour and minute markers on the chapter ring. The two-handed metal handset, with hour and minute hands, ensures easy readability without overwhelming the dial. The lume on the hands and numbers comes in handy in semi-darkness, offering decent visibility in low-light conditions.

A prominent feature of the Casio AQ-180W is the two orange-coloured LEDs located on the sides, which provide effective illumination in darkness. The front-facing light button activates the LEDs with a 1-second delay, ensuring convenience in checking the time during nighttime hours. Although the LEDs tend to light up the 9 and 3 numbers more than others, the illumination remains practical.



In conclusion, the Casio AQ-180W Analogue Digital Watch has exceeded expectations and earned a place in our collection. Its affordable price tag, feature-packed nature, and impressive design should make it an attractive choice for watch enthusiasts. The telememo feature, combined with its water resistance of up to 100 meters and Japanese Quartz Movement, make it a reliable and practical everyday companion. Whether you opt for the black dial background or the shimmering silver version, the Casio AQ-180W is a worthy addition to your collection.



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