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Casio S220 Tough Solar Digital Watch (EAW-W-S220-1AV)

Casio WS220 Tough Solar Digital Watch – Hands on Review


It goes without saying that if you are into watches and you have a growing selection of watches to adorn your wrist every day then it goes without saying that a Casio has to be in that selection.

Casio’s tend to be a daily driver range of watches that people wear to save their much costlier timepieces from the rigours and potential damages of daily life.  Casio also tends to be one of the first brands of watches that you purchase as they are affordable (unless you’re looking at a G-Shock), practical, hardwearing and in most cases timeless in their design, pardon the pun!

So in the above video review, we are taking a look at a Casio that is not only digital in the way it displays the time, powered by Japanese Quartz movement, but it is also has a Solar powered watch face that is designed to charge the watch’s battery via the power of the Sun.  In theory, you never need to change the battery but in our video review, we talk about some of the issues we have experienced with this facet of the Casio WS220.

As well as the solar-powered charging aspect of the Casio WS220 Digital Watch we take a look around the design of the watch, talk about the other features that it has, show you what it is like on the wrist and finally give you our verdict about the watch and the issues we have faced.

So simply click on the video to find out more about the Casio WS220!

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