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Casio LW-210 Digital Watch – Hands-on Review

What watch do you get if you are a lady, have small wrists or are looking to purchase your child their first small digital watch?  Well, we think we have the answer in this review and that is in the shape of the Casio LW-210 Digital Watch.

The Casio LW-210 is without a shadow of a doubt, a very small digital watch indeed and measuring at a minute 34mm in diameter we feel that this may be the watch for you if you have small wrists and are looking for something to wear that isn’t too big or bulky.

So in the video review above we take a look around the Casio LW-210, see what it is made of, its design and have a look at some of the Casio LW-210’s functions.  Then finally we pop it on our wrist and say what the Casio LW-210 is like to wear and own.

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