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Casio W-753 Digital Watch Hands on Review – The Moon and Tide Data Watch from Casio!

Casio W-753 Digital Watch Hands-on Review

We have reviewed quite a few watches from the likes of Casio and you tend to get used to the functions that they offer.  In this instance, the Casio W-753 digital watch is a little different.  Not only does it offer the usual alarms, stopwatch and countdown timer it also illustrates what phase the Moon is in (know as Moon age), sea tide data and it can also give you an idea of where the position of the Sun is in the sky in relation to the wearer.

Casio W-753 Moon Tide Data Digital Watch

So in the video review, we take a closer look at the Casio W-753.  We look at its design and the materials that it is made out of.  We look at many of the functions that the Casio W-753 has to offer and then we pop it on our wrist and say what it is like to wear.

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