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CASIO MQ-24 Analogue Watch Hands-on Review

CASIO MQ-24 Analogue Watch Hands-on Review – Is Casio’s cheapest and simplest watch any good?

Have you ever heard of the KISS analogy, ‘Keep It Simple Silly’?  It’s a term that literally refers to keeping everything as simple, easy to use, and as silly to understand as possible.  Well, it seems that with the Casio MQ-24 Analogue Watch they have kept with the KISS analogy when designing and manufacturing this fine watch.

So in the video review above, we take a closer look at the Casio MQ-24.  We talk about the design of the Casio MQ-24, the materials, its main function and finally pop it on our wrist and say what it is like to own and wear on a daily basis.  Finally, we give you our verdict and say whether you should add the Casio MQ-24 to your collection or wear it as a beater watch on a daily basis.


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CASIO MQ-24 Instructions via the Casio Website


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