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Everyone’s a Legend with Apex Legends

We’ve really enjoyed playing Apex Legends, the all-new Battle Royale game from Respawn Entertainment, and if you want to read our review article about it then you can simply CLICK HERE.  So, what we thought that we would do on the back of our review is to give you a very brief mini-guide about each of the characters in Apex Legends, hopefully helping you make the right choice when it comes to picking your character.

Bangalore – The Professional Soldier

As the soldier of the group Bangalore is one of three characters who is set up to be more offensive in her approach to gameplay. Her trio of abilities are probably what you’d expect a soldier type character to have but she does have a defensive ability that may help when the heat is on.

Passive Ability:  DOUBLE TIME – When you are taking fire you can sprint quicker, helping you get out of a sticky situation.
Tactical Ability:  SMOKE LAUNCHER – This is more of a defensive ability where once it has powered up you can fire off three smoke canisters that will explode on impact, confusing the enemy and helping with the firefight.
Ultimate Ability: ROLLING THUNDER – When available, this ability is the one that deals a big amount of damage to other teams through calling in an artillery strike where ever you aim the strike to be.  Just don’t do what we did and get caught in the strike area killing us instantly.


Bloodhound – The Technological Tracker

Being the one that can seek out other opposing teams using their technological prowess, Bloodhound may be the character you need to help your team avoid any enemy ambushes and help become number one!

Passive Ability:  TRACKER – This ability allows you to see the tracks of your opposing teams.
Tactical Ability:  EYE OF THE ALLFATHER – With this ability, you can scan your immediate area to see if there are any hostile teams, traps or weapons around.
Ultimate Ability: BEAST OF THE HUNT – Once the ability is ready to use it will make you move faster, highlight your enemies and enhance your senses helping you to avoid any danger that might be nearby.


Gibraltar – The Shielded Fortress

The gentle giant of the character lineup, Gibraltar is the Legend who can help shield fellow team players from the damage dealt by other opponents.

Passive Ability:  GUN SHIELD – When you look down the character’s gun sights Gibraltar will deploy his front-facing gun shield to help stop incoming gunfire.
Tactical Ability:  DOME OF PROTECTION – Once you get to the point of being able to use this ability you can throw down a shield generator that will create a defensive dome for you and your teammates that lasts for a short amount of time protecting everyone within from any form of damage emanating from outside of the dome.
Ultimate Ability: DEFENSIVE BOMBARDMENT – You can set off a mortar strike to focus on any nearby area that you designate.

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Mirage – The Decoy Trickster

Basically, as the illusionist of the group Mirage is the master of confusion and able to help his fellow teammates get out of a jam by creating decoys of himself to fool his enemies.

Passive Ability:  ENCORE! – You can cloak yourself from your enemies while creating a decoy for them to shoot at.
Tactical Ability:  PSYCHE OUT – Once this ability is up and running you can send out into the world a decoy of your character with the aim of confusing your enemies on the battlefield.
Ultimate Ability: VANISHING ACT – In a flash, you can cloak yourself while creating numerous decoys of your character to cause misdirection amongst your opponents, now that’s magic!


Wraith – The Interdimensional Fighter

Her name says it all really.  She flits between different dimensions to get her and her fellow teammates into and out of danger.

Passive Ability:  VOICES FROM THE VOID – You can hear voices from other planes of existence warning you of any impending dangers nearby.
Tactical Ability: INTO THE VOID – When this ability is powered up you can avoid gunfire and damage by travelling through interdimensional voids.
Ultimate Ability: DIMENSIONAL RIFT – Wraith’s ultimate ability is to be able to create dimensional rifts allowing you to travel from point A to point B with no trouble.  If you’ve played the game Portal then you’ll know what we mean.


Caustic – The Toxic One

Simply put the Apex Legend Caustic is literally a gas!  He uses weaponised pesticides and other chemical nasties to get him and his fellow teammates out of danger while causing maximum damage to his opponents.  He is also the other character that you will need to unlock when you start the game.

Passive Ability:  NOX VISION – Seeing your enemies through a thick cloud of gas can be hard but not with this ability.
Tactical Ability: NOX GAS TRAP – When ready you can create canisters that, when shot by your enemies, can let out super harmful gases to help kill off your opponents.
Ultimate Ability: NOX GAS GRENADE – As it sounds, this ability allows you to throw grenades filled with Caustic’s deadly green gas.


Pathfinder – The Scout

Loosely based on the robot design found in the Titanfall games, Pathfinder is the battle-hardened machine of the group.  With his built-in technological advantages, he can make a real difference to the overall team dynamic and is a popular choice amongst players.  Plus he has a smiley emoji on his chest so what more can you ask for!

Passive Ability:  INSIDER KNOWLEDGE – Scanning survey beacons you can see where the ever-decreasing gaming areas will appear first.
Tactical Ability: GRAPPLING HOOK – Using this part of Pathfinder’s ability makeup, you can use the inbuilt grappling technology to reach those hard to reach places on the map.
Ultimate Ability: ZIPLINE GUN – If you want to get around the map with ease then this ability will help you and your fellow teammates do so with a ready-made zipline fired from Pathfinder’s gun.


Lifeline – The Medic

As a combat medic Lifeline is a popular choice with us at We Try Anything towers.  Not only is she good with a gun she is also super helpful in getting everyone patched up, healed and ready for more fast-paced action.

Passive Ability:  COMBAT MEDIC – You can get knocked down teammates revived in a pinch and generate a super handy shield at the same time.
Tactical Ability: HEAL DRONE – With this ability, you can call on Lifeline’s drone to appear and help any damaged fellow teammates who might be close by.
Ultimate Ability: CARE PACKAGE – Calling on a care package to be dropped out of the sky, Lifeline’s ultimate ability can be super handy if you or your fellow team players are after more ammo or even better items in the shape of weapons, shields or armour.

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