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CASIO F-105W (1572) Digital Watch REVIEW – Thinking of getting an F-91W, then think again!

CASIO F-105W (1572) Digital Watch REVIEW – Thinking of getting an F-91W, then think again!

In the above video review, we are taking a look at a digital watch from Casio that, we feel, may be a better alternative to the iconic Casio F-91W digital watch.

So as tradition dictates with the reviews that we undertake, we will be taking a closer look at the Casio F-105W while mentioning its design, materials, sizes and features built into its 1572 digital module.  We will then pop it on our wrist and say why we feel that this watch may be the ideal alternative digital watch to the Casio F-91W.


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Quick Summary from the above Casio F-105W video review:


Design and Dimensions:

  • Case: 35mm wide, 38mm from pusher to pusher, 49mm lug to lug, 10mm depth.
  • Depth: 10mm, a millimetre more than the F-91W.
  • Materials: Satin resin plastic, in line with Casio’s affordable range.
  • Inner Lug Width: 18mm. Straps are standard black resin plastic.
  • Styling: F-105W has distinct lugs compared to the F-91W.
  • Case Back: Stainless steel, similar water resistance (not suitable for water exposure).
  • Battery: Up to 7 years life (CR2016).



  • Crystal: Flat acrylic resin, susceptible to scratching.
  • Design: Sportier cyan and black colour scheme around the digital display.
  • Display: Clear and easy to read, with bolder LCD font.
  • Info: Day, date, time.



  • Stopwatch: 1/100-second precision, up to 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds.
  • Alarms: Daily alarm, hourly time signal.
  • Daylight Saving Time and 12/24-hour modes.
  • The calendar accounts for 28 days in February.


On the Wrist:

  • Comfortable, doesn’t hinder hand movement.
  • Thin and lightweight, easy to forget you’re wearing it.
  • Design: Slightly sportier feel compared to the iconic F-91W.
  • Notable: Wording around the watch face is more prominent.


Final Thoughts:

  • In comparison to the F-91W, the F-105W offers a better backlight, making it easier to read in the dark.
  • Both watches share similar features and sizing. The price difference between the two is marginal.
  • If water resistance is a priority, consider the Casio W-86H with 50 metre water resistance.
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