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Tecknet 2.4ghz Wireless Whisper Quiet Keyboard

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WE TRY and build a 1080p gaming PC, first time builder!!!

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Casio F-91W Digital Wrist Watch – The affordable modern day classic

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STN-16 Bluetooth Headphones

£5 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Dynamic Headphones, are they any good? Spearheaded by Apple from the iPhone 7 onwards, flagship smartphone manufacturers are following the current trend of removing the headphone jack port from their mid to high-end smartphone models.  To us, we feel that this is a crying shame as we do prefer the option of …

Cheap Gaming Keyboard LED RGB Lighting

  The £14 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with LED Backlighting Today we are here to have a look at a mechanical keyboard that we bought off eBay for the princely sum of just £14.  So what we thought we would do is just to review this keyboard and see if it is any good for that …

Masterplug SRGAUSBPW2 2.1 A USB Charger with Plug Surge Socket

  Get it on Amazon: Here is a quick review of a plug socket. Yes, a plug socket, but not just any other plug socket. This plug socket is different in two ways and the title of this review kind of gives both of them away. Here we have a plug socket that has …

Hot UK Deals Website Laptop

  If you’re looking for a great website for deals and more then read on! Visit Hot UK Deals here: We are going to have a look at and try out a website that we have known about for a while. Now you are reviewing a website you say well yes I know it …

supertooth buddy bluetooth handsfree in car device

The ‘super’ hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone car kit from Supertooth.     If you’re like us and the phone always seems to ring not when you are in the house but when you are in the car driving, then let We Try Anything introduce you to the Buddy Handsfree Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car Kit from Supertooth.   Launched …