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If you’re looking for a great website for deals and more then read on!

Visit Hot UK Deals here:

We are going to have a look at and try out a website that we have known about for a while. Now you are reviewing a website you say well yes I know it is a little strange as we are aiming to bring you product reviews of all shapes and sizes but we felt that this website is well worth sharing and making people aware of and why, especially as we head towards Christmas.

The website we are having a look at today is Now Hot UK Deals is as the name suggests a UK based website which is aimed to feature any current retail deals or savings that are going on in the UK online or high street bricks and mortar shops.

Now this website isn’t, to our knowledge, featuring deals that are uploaded by retailers themselves no the beauty of this site is that it is updated by the actual members of Hot UK Deals themselves who are just members of the general public who have signed up to this website to update everyone with deals that they have found online or offline while they are shopping around for various items.

These deals can range from anything like small electrical, clothing or lifestyle items all the way to lease deals on cars, all uploaded and shared by the general public.

The layout of the website is easy to follow where the description of the deal or saving is on the left and the imagery placed on the right and the description tends to explain what the deal is that the user has found and the price point that the item is currently sitting at. Clicking on the description will take you to a page which explains the deal or saving in more context which is based on how much effort the Hot UK Deals member has put into explaining the offer, sometimes how they got it and where from. I mention effort as sometimes some Hot UK Deals members will only put in a brief description of the offer and other users will put a lot of useful information backed up with links and all sorts additional elements for you to find and take advantage of the money-saving deal.

This brings us on to the next part of the Hot UK Deals website and that is how it works socially. Unlike other offer lead websites such as offer of the day etc this website has a social element to it where logged in users can add comments to the deal that has been posted which can be very useful and even lead to bigger savings on that offer shown as they had got the item cheaper elsewhere obviously you do get the odd troll which tends to get jumped on quite quickly and as well as that the users of this website who comment on the deals tend to smell out employees of companies who have in the past tried to post very biased offers so for that alone they are worth reading.

As well as the social aspect of the website there is also a scoring system in place where users can vote how hot or cold that the actual deal being posted becomes which also allows the website to filter out the hottest deals for the day or see which deals are popular or not so as the case may be.

As well as deals the site also features a Voucher Codes, Freebies, Ask Members, Competitions and Miscellaneous section which are all worth discovering.

As well as the website version there is also an accompanying Android and iPhone apps which are all just as good as the website and are fairly regularly updated.

Hot Uk Deals App iPhone Android Image

Overall We have to say that we love this website and over the years of keeping an eye on the deals we have been found that we have saved quite a lot of money on the items purchased, especially on Black Friday where the logged in users or members of this site come into their own.

It’s definitely worth bookmarking or even downloading the associated app to view deals on the move but it comes with a massive warning – yes you will save money on the deals featured on this site but you will also find so many great deals that you might find yourself buying more than you wanted. Enjoy!

Visit Hot UK Deals here:

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