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Lorus R2302HX9 Digital Sports Watch Review

Lorus R2302HX9 Digital Watch Review

Lorus R2302HX9 Unisex Digital Sports Watch


Lorus, founded as a sub-brand of Seiko in 1982, isn’t one of those watch manufacturers that come to mind when you are looking for a budget digital watch.  As a daily driver or just something to throw on your wrist when you’re washing the car, doing the gardening or anything else that may damage your more expensive watch you are looking for something cheap, cheerful and practical.  Casio tends to be the brand that fills that gap but, in our experience, and the experience of many other watch wearers Lorus can be just as good as any other watch manufacturer out there.

In this review, we are taking a quick look at a budget Lorus that can be had today for as little as £20 and for that amount of money you do get a lot of watch.  The Lorus in question is the Lorus R2302HX9 Digital Sports Watch.

It has to be said that the first thing that strikes you about this watch is the large Liquid Crystal Display.  It’s big and if you are like us who are a little bit short-sighted then you have no problems reading the time off of it and to that extent, we like it.  It is also simple in its layout and while we have reviewed a lot of Casio’s on both our YouTube channel and this very website, we have to say that having a large display that is just very simply laid out is super appealing.

On the main display, you first notice the time which is front and centre (believe us in saying that you can’t miss it) to the top you see the day of the week, the month’s date and at the bottom you see the seconds ticking away.  There are not indications of the month or year you are in, but it isn’t a problem as we can mainly see this watch being a quick way to tell the time and maybe cross-reference the date if required.

On pressing the Mode button, you can access all of the other functions which are featured on this watch.  These include an Alarm, Stopwatch (with 24 lap memory) and Countdown Timer also as well as the functions mentioned you also have a button to activate its backlight feature, which is meant to be quite bright but unfortunately, we couldn’t test it on our watch as the battery was on its way out and kept dulling the display.

Surrounding the large LCD display is a 40mm wide rectangular plastic case which is finished off by a gold plated effect edging.  This gold effect edging adds a real nice finish to the watch, and we felt added to the overall look of the timepiece.  The case isn’t too thick either measuring only 12mm and weighing in at only one gram.  The case also allows the watch to be submerged in water to a depth of 100m making the Lorus R2302HX9 a great watch for swimming with or even popping into the shower if you forget to take it off.

The strap is made up of black resin and when placed on the wrist isn’t uncomfortable at all and while we have read the odd review mentioning that at times they didn’t find the watch easy to wear, we have to say that we found it very comfortable on the wrist and as it is so light you tend to forget you are wearing it.

Overall, what do we think of the Lorus R2302HX9 Digital Sports Watch?  Well, we have to say that we liked it.  The display is fantastic and very, very easy to read.  It is well laid out, simple to understand at a glance and doesn’t have any of the fuss that you may get from other watches at this price point and we really liked it for that.

As we have said, when wearing it on our wrist there were no comfort problems at all and with the case being rectangular it didn’t catch on any rolls of skin that naturally occur when you are moving your hand.

At the price point of £20, we have tried and reviewed quite a few budget digital and to a lesser extent analogue watches but out of all of them so far, other than the Casio W-96H, this is very much up there and if the gold edging doesn’t put you off then this is a watch that’s well worth your time.


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