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Casio F-91W Digital Wrist Watch – The affordable modern day classic

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5 Great Gift Ideas for Retro Gamers

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Casio F91w Review - We Try Anything

The Casio F91W Review – Could this be your next wrist watch?   Watches nowadays can do anything, simply anything.  From ordering food and taxi’s through to delivering your emails/notifications, monitoring your health and ending at taking and making calls.  All of which is great but for some people the constant interruptions and attention that …

Retro Gaming Gift Ideas

Great Retro Gaming Gift Ideas Retro gaming is enjoying a massive popularity surge at the moment.  It might be the simple but addictive gameplay or the strong feelings of nostalgia they bring when retro games are being played.  Nowadays the retro video game market is being better catered for, especially in the wake of actual …