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CASIO MRW-200H (Module 5125) – The Very Affordable Analogue Watch from Casio

Casio MRW-200H (Module 5125) – Is it any good?

If you are after an affordable analogue watch for yourself or as a Christmas or birthday present for that special someone in your life, then you are truly spoilt for choice.

There are a plethora of well-known brands out there that cater for the more affordable end of the analogue watch market, and Casio is no exception.

When you think of the Casio brand, you tend to think of the iconic Casio F-91W digital watch, which has been around since the 1980s. But Casio, believe it or not, has a range of analogue watches that offer great value for money.

So, enter one Casio that we feel is well worth considering when you are after a very affordable daily analogue watch and that is the Casio MRW-200H, which you can easily find from the likes of Amazon by clicking here.

To kick things off, the materials used to make up the Casio MRW-200H’s 45mm wide case and watch strap are synthetic resin, which may sound cheap but isn’t that bad when you consider the price point that this watch is aimed at, around the £20 mark.

The resin strap is supple and doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the watch and is also followed up by a plastic Casio branded buckle.

The dial window is also made up of acrylic glass and doesn’t take away from the overall look of the watch. With that said, you will need to be aware of the fact that as the watch face featured has an acrylic glass dial window, it will attract scratches. So if that is a deal-breaker for you, then you will need to look elsewhere.

Moving on to the look of the Casio MRW-200H, the watch face is super simple, and that’s what we love about this watch. The minute and hour hands also glow in the dark allowing for easy nighttime viewing.

The second, minute and hour hands are big enough to easily learn the time from and the large hour markers give the MRW-200H a very dynamic and sporty feel. It also handily features a day and date complication which is great for a watch of this price range and if the black watch face with light hands and hour markers isn’t to your liking then there are a load of different styles and colourways that you can choose from, making this watch suit every wrist.

The bezel rotates smoothly to the left and the right, which makes using the Casio MRW-200H as a watch to record an amount of elapsed time very easy to do. Plus it is just stiff enough in its movement to say in place once rotated.

Changing the time on the Casio MRW-200H can be easily done. Simply pull the crown out once to change the day and date and then pull the crown out further to the second position to change the time. There is a link to the instructions below that will help explain the adjustment operation a lot better than we can do in this review here.

Talking of time, the Casio MRW-200H uses Japanese quartz movement to measure time and has an accuracy of +/- 30 seconds each month, which easily rivals the accuracy of watches that are a lot more expensive than this timepiece.

On the wrist, the Casio MRW-200H is super comfortable to wear and even though the case is approximately 45mm wide we never felt it hamper any hand movement that you would experience with a much bigger watch (looking at you Casio AE-3000W). It looks sporty, can go with any outfit plus as it is a resin-based watch the MRW-200H is very light to wear.

So, after all the above has been said, is the Casio MRW-200H worth considering? It is a definite yes from us and we have to say that overall this is a great watch. Not only does it look good, it feels great on the wrist plus as it is cheap to buy, the Casio MRW-200H is also the ideal daily beater analogue watch to adorn every wrist, young or old.


Click here to view the Casio MRW-200H’s Instructions


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