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CASIO MTP-1314 (Module 2784) – A Classic Analogue Style Watch from Casio

CASIO MTP-1314 (Module 2784) – Is this example of Casio’s stylish analogue watch any good?

As we have always mentioned Casio, throughout the ages, has always offered a vast range of varying styles of watches.  From simple digital watches like the Casio F-91W through to more complex watches like what is offered in their G-Shock and Protek line-ups.

As well the ranges mentioned here they also offer a very comprehensive range of analogue Japanese Quartz based watches and today, featured in the video above, we are taking a look at the Casio MTP-1314 with the Casio 2784 Module.

In the above video, we take a look around the Casio MTP-1314 analogue quartz watch, talk about what it is composed of, its features and then pop it on our wrist to talk about what it is like to wear and own.  We have also linked below to its instructions just in case you ever have the need to find out more about how it operates.

View instructions for the Casio MTP-1314 via the Casio Website

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