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Blue Snowball Ice Microphone

Blue Snowball Ice Microphone Video Review


If you are a beginner or even a seasoned veteran of uploading videos to YouTube and you didn’t already know this one fact – audio is just as important if not more so than the actual quality of the video you are creating!

Yes, the above statement is true and as an emerging YouTube channel and content creator, we have learned that little fact the hard way over the last couple of years while on our YouTube journey.  Simply put you could have the crispiest video with stunning compositions and creatively added transitions but if your audio sounds bad then people will simply leave your video a lot quicker compared to other videos with way better audio.

It goes without saying that you can spend a lot of money on recording equipment for creating quality YouTube videos and microphones are no exception to that rule.  As a beginner on YouTube then your budget, like ours, for a quality microphone is probably limited to what you can afford.  That’s where we felt that the Snowball Ice USB Microphone comes in.

At around the £55 price point, the Snowball Ice Microphone from Blue is pitched at the lower end of the market and while microphones can easily cost up to and way over £100 the Snowball Ice is what we felt was a stand out product in its market.

So in the above YouTube video, we take a look at the Snowball Ice USB Microphone from Blue.  We have a look at the design of the Snowball Ice USB microphone then talk about some of its features.  Then we compare the Snowball Ice against other microphones that any starter YouTuber may be using, like a lavalier microphone (which we have been using for a while), a gaming headset (Turtle Beach 70) and finally the camera’s internal microphone.  Finally, we give you our overall impression of the Snowball Ice Microphone from Blue and say whether it is the one for you as a microphone to use for YouTube or streaming.

So if you have a spare few minutes watch the video, get some snacks and enjoy what we have to say about the Snowball Ice USB microphone from Blue and please note that we have purchased this microphone with our own money so it isn’t an ad or sponsored by Blue themselves.


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