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5 Great Gifts Ideas for Microsoft Xbox Gamers


Just like what we said about the Playstation in our 5 Gift Ideas for PlayStation Gamers 2020 article, this year is going to be a big year for Xbox gamers.

Not only is the new Microsoft Series X console here, to rival the Sony Playstation 5 but they also have a cheaper lesser specification console being available at the same time, called the Xbox Series S.

Hopefully, unlike the PS5, the Xbox Series S and Series X will be a lot easier to obtain but if they aren’t then we’ve got your back with some other great gift ideas to please any Microsoft Xbox fan.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft Series X - Gift Guide

Even though we feel that it will be quite a hard gift to get this year we have to admit that unwrapping a Microsoft Xbox Series X on Christmas day would be pretty epic.

The Xbox Series X doesn’t really need any introduction but if you are not really a fan of gaming in general and this is a present for the person in your life who is then all you need to know is that this will be the next big thing in gaming.

Built from the ground up to be blisteringly fast, the Series X is designed to be the foremost in next-generation gaming and with a large amount of storage and the capacity to display games in 4k at a super quick 60 frames per second then this is the console to buy if you have the budget to afford it as a gift.

The beauty of this console is also in the way Microsoft is allowing you to purchase it. You can own it outright from day one or you can spread your payments over two years making it very affordable plus included in the per monthly figure will be access to Microsoft’s Game Pass which is a subscription service allowing you access to a large library of games for the avid gamer in your life to play as soon as they unwrap it.

This would be such an epic gift to get, even if we say so ourselves.



Microsoft Xbox Series S

Microsoft Xbox Series S - Gift Guide

Following hot on the heels of the Xbox Series X is the Series S and while the Xbox Series X will be aimed at 4k gaming, with its higher specification setup, the Series S will be no slouch either aiming itself at 1440p gaming.

The Xbox Series S is a lot smaller than the X, due to its built-in lower specification, but even though it will not be as fast as the Series X it will be a fantastic upgrade for the gamer in your life if they’re still playing on an older Xbox One (like us).

The other advantage to this Xbox Series S is that it’s going to be a lot cheaper to own as well, which if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as the more expensive Xbox Series X then this would definitely be the next best thing.  Finally, talking of price, you can also spread the cost over 24 months with a 24-month inclusive Game Pass subscription thrown into the mix – what more can you ask for!



Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Series Controller Cobalt Blue Gift Guide

If the Xbox Series X or Series S doesn’t appeal to the Xbox gamer in your life (we would love to know why it doesn’t) or you simply can’t get hold of one this Christmas then why not choose the next best upgrade and that is a brand new Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller.

Available in Black, White and Shocking Blue the brand new Xbox Wireless Controllers, recently launched to coincide with the brand new Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, are a step up from the ones that have been on sale for the last few years.

Featuring brand new sculptured textured surfaces, triggers and bumpers for enhanced grip and comfort plus a better ‘D-pad’ setup and ‘Share’ button, this would be a great gift to give this Christmas for anyone who owns an Xbox One.



Turtle Beach Recon 70P Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Headset 70p XBOX

We have featured this on our Playstation gift guide for 2020 and we thought that as they are so good (we have three of them at We Try Anything Towers) that we had to feature them here again for Xbox One owners.

The Turtle Beach Recon 70p is a budget-friendly headset that features a much better microphone setup than the older versions of this headset plus it has decent sound and they are super comfortable to wear for the price.

They are also available in a plethora of colours and designs, so there is one for everyone’s taste and compared to the other headsets we have tried in the past we always come back to these so they heartily get our recommendation as a great gift for any gamer who is looking to be a bit more vocal online.



Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - Gift

If you’re a bit stuck with what to get the Xbox gamer in your life and the above doesn’t appeal to you or your budget doesn’t extend to a brand new console or controller then why not look at getting them a whole new library of new games to play on for a pocket-friendly sum.

Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service offered by Microsoft that opens the gamer in your life to a wealth of downloadable games that are ready to download and play on the Xbox.

You can subscribe to this service by purchasing either a 1 month or 3-month voucher and as well as being able to instantly download a wealth of games ranging from AAA titles through to small games from independent developers, Game Pass Ultimate also gives the gamer access to Xbox Gold (for multiplayer gaming) and seeing as it is the Ultimate pass you can also use the same account on the PC to download a whole host of games there.

It’s a great service offered by Xbox and we use it ourselves plus going with the Ultimate edition of Game Pass gives you a whole host of other benefits while the subscription is in effect – ideal for the Xbox gamer in your life who wants to try a whole host of games without going out and buying each and every one separately.




We are not finished just yet and will be adding more great gift ideas for Xbox gamers in the next up-and-coming weeks plus look out for our YouTube channel where we will feature a whole host of Gift Ideas to suit every pocket.

Main Image: Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

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