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BOLTUNE BT-BH021 Budget Earbuds

BOLTUNE BT-BH021 Budget Earbud Review


Apple’s Airpods simply dominate the wireless Bluetooth market, especially if you pair them with an iPhone.  But if you haven’t got the budget of £159 upwards for a pair of standard Apple Airpods with a non-wireless charging case, then like us you may want something a bit cheaper.

So in this video review, we take a look at a pair of Earbuds that are very much at the budget end of the market and that is the BT-BH021 Earbuds from Boltune.

We bought these from Amazon when they were on offer, via a redeemable voucher, for the very pocket-friendly sum of £13 and we ask ourselves in this video, are they any good?

As well as looking at what you get in the box we take a look at the earbuds themselves, the charging case, talk about what they are like to pair and use with your phone and we give you our final verdict.

What we forgot to mention when reviewing the Boltune BT BH021 Earbuds

When reviewing a product for uploading to YouTube we don’t always mention everything that you may need to know before looking at a product as a potential purchase.  This is simply down to the length of the video plus sometimes during recording some features you may find important we forget to talk about.  So here are a few of the items we wanted to say after we had uploaded the video.

So what didn’t we mention about the Boltune BT BH021 Earbuds?

Well, the earbuds use Bluetooth 5.1 as their way of connecting with the iPhone 11 that we were using for this review.  They were easy to pair with our phone and as soon as you open the case you can hear the internal recording saying ‘Pairing… Connected’.  The only issue we have found was that sometimes when we were watching a YouTube video they slipped out of sync a little with what was being said and what we were hearing.  Also, on the very rare occasion when we had put the earbuds down to listen to someone talking to us they didn’t carry on receiving what was being said on YouTube.  Now, this may be down to the YouTube app and not the earbuds but the issue was easily remedied.


Boltune BT BH021 Wireless Earbud Box and USB C Cable


They have an internal microphone on each of the earbuds for use during hands-free telephone calls.  This was a feature that we hadn’t used and looking at the reviews on amazon, regarding this feature, the microphone quality isn’t the best and you do get what you pay for.

They are touch-sensitive.  Yes, you read that right these earbuds you can control by tapping on each of the earbuds to increase and lower the volume, answer a call and change the track you are listening to.  It does work well but you do have a small learning curve to make sure that you are applying the right amount of taps to instigate what you want the earbuds to do.  Not a problem for most but we just ended up using the phone or apple watch to change the volume and music we were listening to.

The distance that these are advertised to work from your device is meant to be up to 65 feet (approx 19 metres) and while we didn’t pop to our nearest field to try this out we did find that when wearing them around the house you could go a fair distance before they started to cut out.

The battery life on the Boltune BH021 Wireless Earbuds was very good and while we have never really used them until they died they do last a surprisingly long time and when popped back into their case they are always charging.  Charging the case is also a doddle with the accompanying USB C cable but you just have to be aware that you do not get a USB power adaptor and the charging cable that comes in the box is very short, so bear that in mind.

Finally the comfort.  The Boltune BH021 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are very comfortable and we found them a very snug fit.  You get two other sizes of silicon ear adaptors in the box, so they should fit most ears, and they never fell out.

The rest of our verdict of the Boltune BH021 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is on the video and also mentions a whole lot more about the earbuds featured and is well worth watching if you are after a pair of earbuds that cost a lot less than they should.


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