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CASIO F-108WH (Module 3224) Digital Watch – Hands on Review

CASIO F-108WH (Module 3224) Digital Watch – Hands-on Review

In the above video review, we are taking a look at the very affordable CASIO F-108WH.

The CASIO F-108WH is from the Classic range of Casio digital wristwatches.  As mentioned on the Casio website, the Casio F-108WH draws its design inspiration from the Casio G-Shock DW5600E and in our opinion, we believe that it is very close in terms of design to the Casio W-218H digital watch. So, for us, we felt that it was a worthwhile watch to feature on the website at the price point that it currently sits at.

In this review, we take a look closer look at the CASIO F-108WH, see what it is made of, show you some of the features of the CASIO F-108WH and then pop it on our wrist and say what it is like to wear and own.

Hope you enjoy the video!


Get your CASIO F108WH in the following colours from Amazon…

Casio F-108WH Blue
Casio F-108WH Blue/Yellow
Casio F-108WH Black/Orange
Casio F-108WH Red

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