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A Closer Look: Casio F-108WH vs W-218H – Which One Should You Choose?

A Closer Look: Casio F-108WH vs W-218H – Which One Should You Choose? 



Today’s article is going to be based on a request that was received at We Try Anything Towers a while ago on one of our videos and that was to see if we could put together an article with a video that would highlight the differences between the Casio W-218H and the Casio F-108WH digital watches that we have featured here.

Now you are probably wondering why we should look closer at these two Casio watches.  The main reason is that these two watches share the same inner workings, known as modules.  So, essentially, they have the same way in which the LCD digital display features the time, the same alarm setup and activation plus the way in which the stopwatch operates is the same.  They also share the same backlighting, which I must admit isn’t a bad thing as it is a nice orange backlight to read the time from.  So they are the same watch but what are the differences to make you choose from either one to wear on your wrist?


Visual Distinctions for this Article

Casio W-218H left and F-108WH right

To kick things off and to make things a bit easier for you the Casio W-218H is the black digital watch and is the vivid blue Casio F-108WH.


Price matters

First of all, let’s talk about one of the main differences between these two Casios: the price.

At the time of writing this article and filming the above video in late September 2023, if you look on the Argos website you can obtain a brand-new blue Casio F-108WH at £14.99 and for an extra £5 more you can buy the positive displayed version of the Casio F-218H for £19.99.  While the negative-display version of the Casio W-218H is available at around £17, it’s worth noting that it’s rarely in stock. For consistency, I’ll focus on the positive-display version of the W-218H for the remainder of this video.


Design details

Moving on to the case size and design nuances, the Casio W-218H and F-108WH share remarkably similar dimensions.  The Casio W-218H and F-108WH case sizes are really close together in terms of size if you look on the Casio website the W-218H measures 44.4 x 43.2 x10.8 mm whereas the F-108WH measures 44.4 x 42.6 x 10.3 mm which means that the case width is the same, the height difference is under a millimetre and there is a thickness difference of about 0.5mm, so they are virtually identical in terms of physical size.

The differences in the design while subtle are evident if you look a little closer.

The Casio F-108WH features a matt outer casing, where the frame of the main LCD display curves to the outer edge of the casing where the three metal pushers are situated.  There are also some extrusions that stick out either side of the watch next to pushers, which poke out of each of the three corners, with the top right one being blank.

The W-218H however is a slightly different kettle of fish.  It is a bit more angular in its design and to a lesser extent is quite close to some of the G-Shock square designs that you can see if you look at the Casio DW-5600 range of G-Shocks.  There are also some sphere-like elements that are embedded within each corner of the watch plus an extrusion that is situated to the left and right-hand side of the watch.  The Casio W-218H does share the same pusher positioning as the F-108WH, as it has the same innards but otherwise, there is a difference in the case designs.

W-218H & F-108WH Strap Differences

The straps on both Casios are quite close together on initial inspection but like the cases, there are some subtle differences which can be detected when you look a little closer at each of them.

So you would be forgiven for thinking that they are watches that look alike if you look at them in passing but they are different from the cases down to the strap designs.


On the wrist.

Wearing both watches on the same left-hand 6.5-inch wrist in the same position, to me the Casio F-108WH instantly feels a little more comfortable to wear than the W-218H plus I also prefer the way that the end of the strap doesn’t poke out as much as the W-218H does but that is just my personal preference.

Casio F-108wh on the wrist

Other than that both wear well and don’t inhibit hand movement much and feel nice and light to wear on a daily basis to the point that you start to forget that you are wearing them.  The other thing is that they don’t get in the way if you are wearing an item of clothing that has cuffs to them.

Casio W-218H on the wrist


Specification Showdown

Both the Casio W-218H and F-108WH share identical internal digital specifications. They offer a single daily alarm with an hourly signal, a stopwatch, and a consistent method for adjusting the date and time. The key differentiation, aside from the price, lies in water resistance. The F-108WH is splash-resistant, so it’s advisable to remove it near water. On the other hand, the W-218H offers a robust 50 meters of water resistance, providing more versatility in various scenarios.


Which one would I choose?

For me, if I am after a versatile watch to wear on a daily basis I would go with the Casio W-218H.  The 50 Metres of Water resistance gives it that overall appeal as I wouldn’t have to worry as much about wearing it if I had accidentally got it near water while washing the dishes or the car for that matter.  While the F-108WH is a little more comfortable on the wrist when you first put it on you do get used to wearing the Casio W-218H.

So overall I would go with the Casio W-218H and if black isn’t the colour for you then there are a few other colours that you can get this watch in.


Which one should you choose?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Both watches are excellent options, known for their reliability and accuracy, with batteries lasting up to 7 years. Consider the aesthetics and whether the modest price difference is justified by the additional water resistance. It’s a tough call, but why not have both watches and alternate between them?

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