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5 Gardening Gift Ideas For Keen Gardeners

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Great Gift Ideas for the Passionate Gardener

Though not the best time of year to consider gifts for the person in your life who simply loves being outside in the warmer weather enjoying a bit of gardening, Christmas is an ideal time of year to get them a little something that’s ideal to keep their green fingers busy.  Also, even though it isn’t exactly the gardening season at the moment it will be Spring before you know it and that gift you have got them will soon come into play.

Gardening gifts come in all shapes and sizes and we have picked just five suggestions for you to look at and consider for that Gardening mad person in your life.  We hope the list below helps you find some great gift idea inspiration.

1. 2 in 1 Folding Portable Garden Kneeler Padded Foam Chair Seat Stool

Gift for Gardener - Kneeler Seat

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you’re out gardening, especially when you are on your knees against concrete, pebbles or wet soil while attending to those garden beds or worst of all, weeding.  Well, this is why we thought that we would kick things off with this very practical suggestion, the Denny International Folding Portable Kneeler/Chair Seat.

As the name suggests the Portable Kneeler/Chair Seat from Denny International is a 2 in 1 gadget that is ideal for a range of applications around the garden.  Built from very robust steel construction with foam padding either side of the seating/kneeling area, this gift suggestion can easily change from an item that can be used to kneel comfortably on, to an item that can be easily sat on.  It also folds down, making it easy to carry, transport and store.

Ideal for around the garden and very suitable to use as a convenient seat if you are camping, fishing or out and about enjoying the scenery.

Get the 2 in 1 Kneeler from Amazon


2. Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden Herbs Seed Kit

Gardening Gift Idea - Herb Kitchen Garden

Our next gift suggestion for gardeners not only can be used in the up-and-coming colder months but can also be bought for kids as well as adults.   Here we have the Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden Herbs Seed Kit from Unwins.  This kit has all you need to grow herbs in a super-easy way plus it all comes in a very nice wooden window box which would be a great addition to any kitchen, with its natural look.

In the packaging you get the wooden box to hold it all together, seed pots, compost and the 4 types of seeds which comprise of the following herbs Coriander, Parsley, Chives and Basil.

The beauty of this kit is that it looks good, is easy to use and the herbs that you are growing can be added to any salad or dish that you are cooking to give it that extra fresh flavour.

A great gift for any budding gardener, young or old.

Get your Unwins Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden Herbs Seed Kit from Amazon


3. Spear & Jackson Elements Carbon Steel Set (3-Piece)

Gift Idea for Gardeners - 3 piece handtools

When out in the garden digging up weeds, planting and generally tidying up a gardener needs the right tools for the job.  For the next gift suggestion for the keen gardener, we have the Spear and Jackson Elements Carbon Steel Set.

This quality set of 3 gardening hand tools from Spear and Jackson is created for that much-needed durability and strength.  In the set you get a Trowel, Transplanter and Weeding Fork. Each of these high-quality tools has a hammered epoxy finish to them and feature a weatherproofed ash wooden handle.

The great thing about this gift is that it is super handy and can be easily stored plus as any avid gardener will tell you, they can never have too many tools for their garden.

Get your Spear & Jackson Elements Carbon Steel Set from Amazon


4. Keter Store-It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

Gift for Gardener - Keter Outside Mini Shed

The next item on our gift suggestion list for gardeners is a super handy plastic mini shed storage unit from Keter.  Though not the cheapest item we are going to feature in this little gift guide it sure is one of the most convenient to have around. If the gardener in your life has the space to accommodate its size, which incidentally is 1300mm long by 740mm wide by 1100mm high, then it’s a great addition.

We have one of these items ourselves in our back garden and it has been really useful for storing items such as garden chairs, tools and a barbeque to name a few items and you can even add a padlock to make it more secure.

A great gift to give if the gardener in your life needs more storage to help them keep their garden neat and tidy.

Get your Keter Store-It Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed from Amazon


5. Garden Gnomes from BigMouth Inc.

Gift for Gardeners - Gnomes

Finally, does the gardener in your life enjoy programmes like Game of Thrones, Star Trek or even like things that are a little out of the norm?

If the answer is yes then we have a line of great gift ideas for you to choose from that we think they’ll love.  Brought to you from a company called BigMouth Inc, we have found an assortment of Gnomes that are based on these popular shows amongst other designs that are a little different to your common or garden Gnome.

They are not super expensive plus they would be a great gift to give for any Game of Thrones or Star Trek fan and from looking at some of the reviews they get on Amazon, they are fun and would raise a smile on any gardeners face.

Get your BigMouth Inc Garden Gnome from Amazon


We hope you like our Gardening gift suggestion list and keep your eyes peeled for more updates happening soon!

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