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5 Superb Gift Ideas for PS4 Mad Gamers!!

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Great Gifts you can buy for PS4 Gamers!

As the PlayStation 4 is a very popular platform with gamers around the UK we thought that it would be worth compiling a list of 5 great gift ideas that you can buy for the PS4 gamer in your life.  These gifts can be for kids and adults alike.  So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller

Playstation PS4 Controllers DualShock

Why have one controller when they can have two.  Sony’s DualShock PS4 Controller was refreshed a year or so ago and made to feel more durable with a stylish matt finish to it.  It also has the added extra of having a LED light bar at the top of the controller so you don’t have to look around the front to see if the controller is on and connected.

The DualShock PS4 Controller comes in a variety of colours and some have skins applied to them.  The added benefit of having another controller is that as well as being able to enjoy playing two player games you can also be charging the secondary controller while using the other one to allow for continuous gaming.  Happy days!

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Venom PlayStation 4 Twin Charge Docking Station

Venom PS44 Twin Charge Docking Station

Next up on the list of gift suggestions to buy for the avid PS4 gamer is a docking station for the PlayStation 4 controllers.  This docking solution takes all the hassle out of trying to charge PS4 controllers via micro USB leads which can easily break or be lost.  The added benefit of the Venom PS4 Controller Docking Station is that you can charge up to two controllers at once and only use one PS4 USB port to charge them which is super handy if you want to use the other USB port to attach something like an external hard drive to store all those extra games.

The setup is easily achieved via micro USB dongles which affix to the underside of the PS4 controllers.  Then you simply drop the PS4 controller onto the Venom dock and as long as the PS4 controllers are docked correctly and the Venom Docking Station is connected to a USB power adapter or PS4 USB port you are good to go.

The docking station benefits from rapid charging and you can either get the Venom PS4 Twin Charge Docking Station in white or black.  Also, you can easily see if the controllers are charging via the LED indicators on the front of the device.

A great gift idea to make charging those PS4 Controllers a doddle and it doesn’t break the bank in terms of cost, so it’s well worth considering.

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WD 4 TB Elements Desktop External USB 3.0 Hard Drive

PlayStation 4 External Storage Gift Ideas

The PlayStation 4 comes with a fair amount of onboard storage which you can choose from either 500GB or 1TB variants.  Which is a lot, but nowadays digitally downloaded games, demos and game saves can easily eat all of that lovely storage up and before you know it the PS4 is full!

Just like the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 can now accept external storage as an easy way to add that crucial extra capacity to download extra games to be played instantly on the PS4.  So instead of suggesting that you just go for a 1TB external hard drive solution as a gift idea, we felt that a 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive from Western Digital would be more ideal.

Once set up on a sturdy desk and plugged into a power socket, all you have to do is to plug in the hard drive to the PS4 via its USB port, configure the PS4 to see it as external storage and you are off.  That’s it. One happy gamer!

If you feel that 4TB is too much then you can go for a more handier 2TB portable hard drive which is powered by the PS4 itself and all you have to is simply connect to the PS4’s USB port, configure the PS4 and you are away.

Whatever you choose we feel that it’s one of those gift ideas that will definitely make a difference to the playability of the PS4 and will make that PS4 mad gamer a whole lot happier.

Buy the Western Digital 4TB Hard Drive from Amazon

Buy the WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive from Amazon



PlayStation 4 Stereo Gaming Headset

PS4 Gaming Headset Gift Suggestion

Playing the PS4 is an epic experience, you can ask any avid gamer. For everyone else it can be a fairly noisy affair, especially if it’s being played in a room that has other people in it trying to listen to something, have a conversation or simply relax.

This is where a gaming-specific headset comes into play.

Adding a gaming headset to any PS4 setup has two benefits to them.  First of all the sound that the PS4 generates can be diverted from the TV or monitor, that the PS4 is being played on, through to the headphones and the second benefit is that for multiplayer games that are being played, the gamer can speak to their friends online through the headset’s built-in microphone, which makes gaming a lot more fun!

For our gift suggestion, we are going to suggest a fairly cheapish headset which can be used with the PS4 and that is the Turtle Beach Recon 50P White Stereo Gaming Headset simply because we have one ourselves.

We have used this headset over the last 12 months and it has been an easy to live with gaming headset for this purpose.  The only caveat that we have with this suggestion is that if the PS4 gamer in your life is prone to taking their gaming frustrations out on their equipment then this may not be the one for you and as with any wired headset they do contain delicate electronics and can only withstand a certain amount of abuse. We have found this out recently when the one we had was thrown across the room and needed to be exchanged for another one so please bear that in mind.

Saying that they work well with the PS4 setup and are very easy to use plus they are comfortable to wear over a long period of time. The sound quality from the headphones is on par with its price point and the microphone works well for online play.  You can also increase or lower the headphone volume via the headset’s inline volume controls plus there’s even a toggle switch built-in to mute the microphone.

The microphone can be detached from the main headphone unit and then they can be just used as an ordinary pair of headphones.

As suggestions go they are not bad but there are plenty of other gaming headsets available in either wired or wireless formats so have a look around and read the online customer reviews and make your own mind up.  As we have said we thought that we would feature the ones we use and so far have been happy with them.

One tip we might suggest might be that even though we will provide a link below to suitable gaming headphones it might be worth getting these from the likes of Argos who were phenomenal in exchanging our broken ones for a new pair.

View Gaming Headsets on Amazon

Get the Turtle Beach Recon 50p Headset from Amazon

Get the Turtle Beach Recon 50p Headset from Argos



PlayStation Plus Membership

PlayStation Plus Membership Gift Idea

Out of the box, the PlayStation 4 is a phenomenal gaming console and the experience of playing it is multiplied when you play games with other online players.  The only thing is that when you get a PS4 console, to play online cooperatively or competitively in a multiplayer environment you have to subscribe to PlayStation’s PS Plus membership programme.

PS Plus not only enables the PlayStation 4 gamer to play multiplayer games online but it also comes with extra benefits which give the PS Plus membership some great added value.

One benefit is free games that Sony announces every month that PS Plus members can download to their PS4 as part of the membership.  Some of these games can be big titles that were released a few years ago with one previous example being Destiny 2 that was available to download as part of the plan a month or so ago.  They tend to announce at least two PS4 titles to download as well as a few titles for the PS3 and PS Vita and this tends to happen the second week in every month.  The only thing that you do need to be aware of is that if you stop your PS Plus membership any free PS Plus games that you have downloaded will no longer be available to play, as they are only available while you are a member.

The other benefit of having a PS Plus membership is that you can buy games from the PlayStation store at a discounted price, which is a plus in our books.

You can purchase PS Plus membership in 1, 3 or 12-month options but we feel that for the overall value you should get a 12-month membership plan as this would give you your best bang for your buck and would make an easy gift idea for the avid PS4 gamer in your life.

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We hope you liked our list of gift ideas for the avid PS4 gamer in your life and we will be posting plenty more gift idea lists to come so keep them peeled!!

Please note that we would suggest that you have a read of the reviews that are online about the gift items that we have suggested just to make sure that they are ideal for the person you are buying them for or the purpose in which you intend to used them for.

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