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CASIO DBC-32-1AES (Module 2888) Review

CASIO DBC-32-1AES (Module 2888) Review – The modern-day Casio Calculator Watch, is it any good?

Today, we are looking at what we would consider as Casio’s modern refresh of its 1980s calculator watch, the Casio DBC-32.

In the above video review, we unbox and take a look around the CASIO DBC-32-1AES, see what it is made of, show you some of the CASIO DBC-32’s features and then pop it on our wrist and say what it is like to wear and own.

Hope you enjoy the review!


CASIO DBC-32D-1ADF (Silver) 
CASIO DBC611-1VT (Silver)
CASIO DBC611G-1VT (Gold)


CASIO DBC-32 Instructions via the Casio Website

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