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5 Great Gift Ideas for Cyclists

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5 Great Gift Ideas for Cyclists

If your husband, wife, son, daughter or close friend lives and breathes cycling and you’re stuck with what to get them for Christmas then we have 5 great cycling-themed gift ideas for you to have a look at and consider.

We have started from a ‘money is no option’ idea through to a bright gift idea that can be had for as little as £10.  We have also kept in mind that there are simply loads of different types of bikes and styles of cycling out there, therefore, we have tried to be as generic as we can.  Here we go!


1. GoPro Hero 7 Black – from £358.98

More for a loved one than a friend, the Hero 7 Black from GoPro is a great no-holes-barred gift idea.  The most up-to-date action camera released to date features Hyper Smooth Video Stabilisation via its inbuilt gimballed camera, for those super smooth first-person videos of your loved one racing down a muddy field or even on those pothole-filled UK bumpy roads.

It can shoot up to a crisp 4k resolution at 60 frames per second with auto low light and exposure control and is more importantly waterproof up to 10 metres.

As well as the aforementioned you can also accessorise the Hero 7 with a multitude of camera mounts allowing it to be fixed to handlebars, helmets or even someone’s chest so if your loved one ever experienced a road incident or accident then it’s all recorded ready for downloading and viewing via it’s built-in WiFi connection.

With a wide-angle lens, The GoPro Hero 7 Black is a great tool for vlogging plus it’s light and very portable.  It also features GPS, voice control and advanced noise reduction.

We feel that this would be a great top-of-the-range present to give to that special someone in your life who is a budding cyclist and would enjoy recording their cycling adventures this Christmas.

Find out more about the GoPro Hero 7 Black Here via Amazon


2. Garmin Edge 25 GPS Cycling Computer – from £94.99


The Edge 25 is a fantastic little bike computer from Garmin that helps with getting rid of the headache that comes with trying to install a conventional wired bicycle computer.  It does away with all of those wires and measuring wheel rotation rituals and instead relies on modern satellite GPS tracking to accurately inform your loved one how fast they are going, how far they have gone plus many other features that make this item a great accessory for any avid cyclist.

Though we admit it isn’t as feature-packed as some of the more expensive bike computers that you can get nowadays but we just loved its simplicity, ease of installation, ease of use and its small, compact, lightweight portability.  We also forgot to add that it is easily rechargeable as well.

A worthwhile consideration as a present for your other half, spouse or sibling who loves their cycling to be more informative and less of a hassle at the same time.

Find out more about the Garmin Edge 25 Cycle Computer Here via Amazon


3. Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit D-Lock Mini – from £73.86

Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit D-Lock

Bike theft is increasing and it’s something every cyclist dreads as soon as they pop into a shop for a drink or a quick bite to eat.

With bikes ranging anything in value from £80 to all the way over £5,000 plus, they are a very attractive target for thieves looking to make some easy money at your loved one’s expense.

That’s why we have listed a bike lock as a great potential gift idea to give to your loved one this Christmas.  There are a plethora to choose from with different types of lock on offer with different security ratings and at price points that can range from £1 from the likes of Poundland (we wouldn’t suggest this lock for any bike even if it was free) all the way up to locks that can cost over £100!  In this list, we are going to suggest a “D” shaped lock from Kryptonite called the NY Fahgettaboudit Mini.

This lock, while being heavy, features a Sold Secure Bicycle Gold rating which is great if your loved one wanted to get his or her bike insured from theft as insurers do tend to ask for a bike lock used for this purpose to have this kind of rating but please check with your insurer to make sure about this fact as it does differ from insurer to insurer.

It features a MAX-Performance steel shackle to help prevent theft coupled with a double deadbolt that is designed to prevent twist-type attacks and it also features a pick and drill resistant cylinder covered with a protective vinyl coating.  The icing on the cake with this lock is that it comes with three stainless steel keys, one of which has a handy LED light fitted into the key fob.

While it isn’t cheap, it is a tank of a lock and is rated on Kryptonite’s security scale as a ten out of ten!

The way you have to think about it is would you put a £10 lock on any bike worth say £1000, we know we wouldn’t and this lock, we believe, is a great gift to give for the price.

In saying the above the only caveat we would add is that any bike lock will never stop a very determined bike thief with the right tools and the wrong attitude but at least if your loved one has a good one fitted then a would-be thief might choose to target a less secure bike than the one that your loved one is using this type of lock on.

Find out more about the Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit D-Lock Mini Here via Amazon


4. Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit – from £23.99

Mac Off 8 in 1 bike, bicycle cleaning kit

There is nothing worse than riding a dirt-ridden bike and now the next two seasons, winter and spring, are very much on their way you can guarantee that when your loved one takes their bike out it will get very filthy indeed.

So our next gift idea suggestion, for the avid cyclist in your life, is for a handy 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit from Muc Off.

With this cleaning kit, you get everything your loved ones need to keep their bike spick and span. Included in the pack you get Muc Off’s bike-friendly cleaning liquid, a very nice smelling after cleaning polish, brushes – to get into those hard to reach places, an expanding sponge and a handy dual use container that holds all the Muc Off Cleaning Kit in when not being used and can also act as a very handy bucket.

Muc Off is a trusted brand readily associated with cyclists and their Bike Cleaning Kit can help your loved one keep their trusty steed clean and in great running order.

Find out more about Muc Off’s 8-in-1 Cleaning Kit Here via Amazon


5. Cateye Bike Light Set – HL135 & LD135 – from £10

 Cateye Bike Light Set

We thought that we would end on something for the cyclist in your life that is a little more budget-friendly than some of the entries that we have listed above.

As keen cyclists ourselves we always believe that in these up-and-coming dark winter nights you can never have too many lights on your bike.

There are two ways to consider lighting when adding lights to your loved one’s favourite mode of transport.

The first way to consider lighting is the type that you want to see with.  There is a myriad of bicycle lighting that you can choose from and ideally, you would need to read more about them before parting with your hard-earned cash as they can go very expensive for some near car-like bright led bike lights.

The second type of bike lights is the lights that you want to use to be seen with.  They are not as dazzling as your previous counterparts but they are designed with the idea in mind that they will help your loved ones get noticed by other road users.  They tend to have various blinking modes as well as a mode that stays on and they can be a great inexpensive gift to give someone who still wants to use their bike safely in the dark winter months that follow Christmas.

For the last in the list of Christmas Gifts for Cyclists we are going to suggest the Cateye Bike Light Set – HL135 & LD135 that we found at Halfords for £10 (at the time of writing, as this price may go up or down).   You get in the set a front and rear light, each of which has three flashing modes.  They can be fixed easily to any bike or item of clothing and with the included AAA batteries that are required for each light, they have a runtime of up to 150 hours.  They are bright enough for the job in hand and a great accompanying light for any keen cyclist’s lighting setup.  We feel that for such a small price to pay they are a great gift to give.

Find out more about the Cateye Bike Light Set Here via Halfords


We hope that the above will inspire you to get a great cycling-themed gift for the loved one in your life who prefers to be on two wheels as opposed to four.  As always when buying a gift read the reviews on Amazon and the like just to make sure that what we have suggested is the gift that the loved one in your life would really appreciate.


Photo by Mattia Cioni on Unsplash

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