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The Casino Style 2 in 1 Slot Machine and Money Box – Review

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Take a chance on this fun, eye-catching gift idea.

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Have you ever looked around for a gift idea with a difference?  Well, let We Try Anything help you out there with a Casino Style 2 in 1 Slot Machine and Money Box!  We purchased this item with the idea of seeing if this would make a great gift idea that would be a little different from the usual Christmas stocking filler that you would give to a loved one or friend.  The premise is simple and does what it says on the box and that is as well as the fun of having a mini slot machine it also acts as a money savings box that’s a little different to a piggy bank.

The packaging is quite casino like and sturdily holds the contents within and on opening there really isn’t much else inside other than the product itself and it’s simple to follow instructions.

2 in 1 slot machine and money box in its box

Once you take the Casino Style 2 in 1 Slot Machine and Money Box out of its packaging you will find that it is quite plasticky all-round, even the chrome effect parts of the product are made of plastic, but saying that it is quite sturdy and looks fairly well screwed together and for the price point of around the £10 mark depending on where you had obtained it from we didn’t feel short-changed.

There isn’t any need for batteries, which was a nice bonus, as the slots work mechanically with the lever and there are no lights or buzzers attached to this device.  We say that it is a bonus as we would imagine that if it is acting as more of a money box, once the novelty of the slot machine has worn off, then sitting on the shelf for a period of time you don’t have to worry about the batteries leaking all over the place – which as we say is nice a bonus.

The Slot Machine has two places where you can insert coins.  One at the very top where you can insert your coins that are stored in the money box part of the 2 in 1 Slot Machine and the other coin slot that is situated further down which is for the actual slot machine part of the item.  Now luckily you don’t need to insert any coins into the latter slot to operate the slot machine as it is set up to simply work from the off.  Around the back of the Slot Machine come Money Box combo there is also a door that you can open to allow the money you have saved within the box to drop out which was easy to do and required no tools.

Slot Machine and Money Box

Pulling the slot machine’s lever allows the slots to rotate very quickly and after a fairly short while they will come to an abrupt stop displaying the chance results.  We found that most of the time this worked well but there was the odd time that it didn’t work as well as it should but we found that if you pull the lever again then it goes back to normal.  The only caveat was that on testing luck was never on our side so hitting the winning variable to receive money never happened for us but we are sure that it should pay out that ‘Jackpot’ if you are ever lucky enough to get all three Bars.

Slots Machine Detail Shot

Overall we felt that it would act as either a fun stocking filler or funky gift to give to someone at Christmas plus it is a great product to have a bit of fun with and it does the job of looking and acting like a slot machine really well.  Quality-wise it is a case of you get what you pay for but if you view the item as a fun gift then we feel that you simply can’t go wrong.


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