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Casio F-91W Digital Wrist Watch – The affordable modern day classic

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Great Gift Ideas from Amazon

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Xbox Games with Gold February 2019

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VAVA Moov 28 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review

Pocket-Friendly Bluetooth Wireless Earphones!   I reviewed a pair of STN-16 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo headphones a few months back which, for the silly price I had paid of £5, I felt that were great value for money – you can read our review here.  Recently though, since an iPhone upgrade from the 6S to a …

Verbatim MediaShare Wireless Review

  Verbatim MediaShare Wireless – The Ideal Device for Long Car Journeys   Here we have for review at We Try Anything is the MediaShare Wireless portable streaming device from Verbatim. We purchased this device a while ago from Amazon, which you can find via this link, and the main reason for our purchase was …

iPhone 10R iPhone XR

  Here’s the latest product news that you need to know about from the Apple Event held on 12th September 2018 at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, in a shortened form. The Apple Watch Series 4 The Apple Watch Series 4 has been totally re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up.   Featuring a …

Sony Smartwatch 3 Review

  Sony Smartwatch 3 SRW50 – Review Here we have the Sony Smartwatch 3 SRW50 to review and even though it was released back in the day during 2014 we thought we would have a fresh look at it in 2018. The Sony Smartwatch 3 was released at a time before the Apple Watch and …

DC Comics Lego Superman Alarm Clock Review - We Try Anything

  If you asked most adults and children who is one of the most well-known DC superheroes in the world of comics then we would easily hazard a guess that Superman would be one of the most mentioned.  Well today, we are going to review Superman but not in the usual film or comic form but …


      In this review article, we are going to have a quick look at the RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad (RP-PC083) that we recently received to see what it is like and see how it works for a device that is relatively inexpensive to purchase and will hopefully make charging a smartphone device a breeze. …

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Review - Featured Image

  The Amazon Fire Review Here at We Try Anything, we’re having a look at the second version of the very popular Amazon Fire 7 tablet and wanted to see what you got for your money, is it any good and what needs does it fulfil.  We will not be referencing it to the older …

MOT Test Result History

  Checking the MOT History of your next car is easy! Like us, you’ve probably wanted to have a little bit more insight when looking to purchase your next car.  When we say insight we mean how the car performed when it went through its annual MoT.  In the UK, the MoT is the mandatory …

STN-16 Bluetooth Headphones

£5 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Dynamic Headphones, are they any good? Spearheaded by Apple from the iPhone 7 onwards, flagship smartphone manufacturers are following the current trend of removing the headphone jack port from their mid to high-end smartphone models.  To us, we feel that this is a crying shame as we do prefer the option of …

Cheap Gaming Keyboard LED RGB Lighting

  The £14 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with LED Backlighting Today we are here to have a look at a mechanical keyboard that we bought off eBay for the princely sum of just £14.  So what we thought we would do is just to review this keyboard and see if it is any good for that …